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.snake. 19-02-23 20:54

Reloaded's reviews are currently at 1.8 stars.

What an achievement.

Chamayoo 19-02-23 21:44

[QUOTE=.snake.;8391144]Reloaded's reviews are currently at 1.8 stars.

What an achievement.[/QUOTE]

I saw 2.9 stars in Play Store, I guess it's worse in Appel Store ?

xavecroft 19-02-23 21:47

I can change the Akram before the final boss fight? Or not?

Yuna´s Wish 19-02-23 23:48

This game is stupidly addictive :/

Currently in Tomb of Qualopec.

charmedangelin 20-02-23 03:38

[QUOTE=.snake.;8391144]Reloaded's reviews are currently at 1.8 stars.

What an achievement.[/QUOTE]

Lmfao, the general public is definitely not a fan. I don't really see much talk about Reloaded besides the TR fandom.

Perhaps TR just isn't for mobile.

.snake. 20-02-23 04:04

[QUOTE=charmedangelin;8391200]Lmfao, the general public is definitely not a fan. I don't really see much talk about Reloaded besides the TR fandom.

Perhaps TR just isn't for mobile.[/QUOTE]

Was Relic Run reviewed this badly though upon release? That was actually fun.

And I'm sure LC: Go had good reviews.

This has to be quite a low blow for them.

Chamayoo 20-02-23 10:38

Too bad they shut down Square Enix Montreal / Onuma, now who will make a Lara Croft Go sequel ? :p

MissJodieG 20-02-23 17:31

I have a few questions to those of you who have played the game for a while now.

1. What should I use the gems on? I'm earning plenty on the Netflix version but I'm hesitant to spend them on crates since I'm a bit clueless if I'll need them for something else later on.

2. What weapons should I put my ressources into? I'm only leveling up the duals right now.

3. Any other tips for beginners?

Thank you :)

Soma Holiday 20-02-23 21:10

I would also like some tips. I don't understand how the abilities work. Do they run out after a while or do they stack for the whole run? They seem to run out but I can't tell how long they last.

Also there seem to be levels during the run but they don't match my overall level. Like it will say I'm level 12 during the run but then when I'm done my overall level is only like 7. It's really confusing.

It's crazy how hard this game is. I'm only on chapter 3 and I have no idea how I'm going to get passed it. If it was less difficult it would be a lot more fun it's just impossible at times to dodge so many things.

UroshUchiha 20-02-23 21:30

@Soma Holiday
By abilities you mean the powerups you pick during a Tomb run? Those last during the whole run.
As for levelling, you have your global/account level which is permanent. And your level in a Tomb which always goes back to 1 every time you start a Tomb from the beginning.

Honestly, the account level is pointless. You get 10 gems each time you level up and that's about it. In the early days, you could only upgrade your outfit to the max level of your account. Which was also pointless. Now I think you can always upgrade your outfit to 99 regardless of what your account level is. But good luck with that. I am a level 95 in game and my Bomber outfit is level 44.

When you get stuck and can no longer progress, your only solution is to grind daily. Do the daily missions, get daily login rewards and play a previous Tomb that you can complete easily until you level up your items.

1. What you see in the store is what you'll get. Back when I was doing progression I think I bought two or three Incredible Crates x10 for that guaranteed Epic item. Eventually, I got all the gear I needed through gameplay, events and some accidental bugs in early access that showered people with loot. I don't think anything else is worth spending your gems on.
2. As I mentioned before, my weapon of choice is the Staff. It shoots homing projectiles which I adore. I got so annoyed by bullets that miss super fast enemies like rats and such. And I also upgraded it so much that changing to any other weapon now would be a massive downgrade for me. Before I got a Staff, I was using the Shotgun. I played it as a "melee" shotgun. If you go into the melee range of the enemies and use the shotgun, you will deal so much more damage.
3. Don't skip the Shard rooms (blue crystals). Always try to do the puzzle to get them before the timer runs out. They are pretty much the only resource I kinda wish I had more of, or a better way to acquire them. Also try to focus on getting those weekly chests (Mystic Crates). They were worth it in most cases for me. Got some pretty good things from them.

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