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EscondeR 18-01-10 13:55

Johnnay, KurtisLonely, the reminder refers to you as well as to Los Angeles.

Zolee 18-01-10 14:11


I rather covered that middle finger, hope its ok this way! = D

ajrich17901 18-01-10 14:20

^ Uh nice pics :D

LightningRider 18-01-10 14:45

Lolcons. :vlol:

Great pic. :D

lara c. fan 18-01-10 18:27

Ew. Why did I put this up? Why?

Lee croft 18-01-10 19:25

Everyone looks good heres me



MiCkiZ88 18-01-10 19:29


Originally Posted by EscondeR (Post 4303770)
Johnnay, KurtisLonely, the reminder refers to you as well as to Los Angeles.

Thanks for removing our pictures, but not the ones from earlier. Much apreciated.

Whilst I agree it was a bit uncalled to post a response after Monas warning, but why remove our pictures, and not anyone elses?

I have seen people posting half nude pictures, and yet no mod cared. I have seen straight couples kissing, and it was thought cute. I have seen other gay couples kissing here, and they thought it was adorable. But our pictures.. gone. For whatever reason..

Night Crawler 18-01-10 19:53

Some new 'uns.




Tombraiderx08 18-01-10 19:55

Everyones lookin good :) dsi pix are always fun to take :D

Carbonek_0051 18-01-10 19:55


Originally Posted by Night Crawler (Post 4304431)

Looking hot as usual I see.:p

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