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Legend of Lara 14-04-07 17:49

I just reached lvl 20 in X-2. :jmp:
But I'm stuck. :hea: In Chapter 1!!! I just don't remember what to do. Here are my problems...

Besaid- Where is that bloody second cypher???
Marcalania- I need to track down some "O'aka". Where is he?

Hyper_Crazy 14-04-07 17:59

1) If you have the other 3 cyphers just guess the second one, only 10 numbers to try.

2) Have you chased him to the beginning of the wood?

Legend of Lara 14-04-07 18:02


Originally Posted by Hyper_Crazy (Post 1731881)
1) If you have the other 3 cyphers just guess the second one, only 10 numbers to try.

2) Have you chased him to the beginning of the wood?

1) Yeah, I have the three others. So I can just guess? Well that's nice. :D

2) No. I haven't seen him at all. But some Al Bhed requested me to nab that guy. Where is he? He's not at the beginning. :confused:

MiCkiZ88 14-04-07 18:03

Can't remember the where that cypher is.. but:
To track down him. Go from Macalania Inn and head to the lighted path (the glimmering path that is above the normal path in the macalania woods) go trhough it. You can see him below you. just keep heading back to thunderplains untill you reach the save sphere. Go right from it. Don't go to bevelle. Turn right again. You come to the crossroads. Go up to the small area where you can see a guado. He should be in that area but I don't remember if you need to talk to the guado. or just walk towards the end of that area. (the area is opposite the path to the spring)

hope that helps :)

Legend of Lara 14-04-07 18:10

Thanks Micki. :hug:

Oh, and I tried just guessing the cipher. And... FOUR IT'S FOUR 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 FOUR!!! :jmp:

MiCkiZ88 14-04-07 23:14

^ :tmb:

Ugh.. How could Iforget this much of XII already. The story sucks so badly that I can't even remember any of it. I'm playing it for the second time and I couldn't remember even the most important stuff about Ashelia, Basch, Vaan or Vayne! Ugh.. -.-

I'm at Leviathan atm..

Forwen 14-04-07 23:18

I don't get you people. If there's one FF story with a disastrously flat narration it's FFX.

MiCkiZ88 14-04-07 23:36

I like the story in some parts.. but it's just that there is hours and hours of levelling up before you can fight the boss fight for another drop of the story. That's what I don't like about it. That and it's focused on politics. Well the random Ashelia scenes are enjoyable when she sees her dead husband etc. There practically was a 5-10 hour gap between the next cutscene. The story is intresting in the beginning.. but then it slowly fades away..

Yuna´s Wish 14-04-07 23:38

^^ Exactly!

Forwen 14-04-07 23:41

I want to elaborate on it later, but that part about leveling up... You serious? O_o The amount of leveling up is lower than in FFVIII and VII for me. Out of 16-18 hours (don't remember exactly) on my clock maybe 1,5 was spent on extra character building. And it's fun.

EDIT. And the story was NOT fun at the beginning. It was slow!

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