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Hyper_Crazy 18-04-07 18:46

Send the picture you want to Neteru in a PM. Its usually ELEN you would send the request to, but she hasn't been online recently.

On topic - I still haven't done Pharos yet. XD

MiCkiZ88 18-04-07 19:10

Just a thing.. has anyone else heard about Advent Children Complete? It's supposed to be a complete remake/ re imagination of Advent Children and possibly change the whole plot. And it's coming to Blu-ray

Cloud has his buster sword in it. Much more detailed graphics and Sephy hold Cloud up in to the sky with his Masamune.. :D

Hyper_Crazy 18-04-07 19:13

Never heard of it, thanks for the info. XD

kryptonite23 19-04-07 11:44

Nice video,Micki:wve::tmb:

Forwen 19-04-07 13:37

Uh. AC has a plot? Or AC Complete just means they finally remembered they had forgotten to add one to the original?

Citan MK, thanks for the scans. The article says FFXIII is supposed to follow FFVII and VIII with its aesthetics. While these words alone would be enough to make me ecstatic, what I've seen so far in the media released does nothing to confirm them - FFXIII world is way too neat and futuristic and/or too naively goth. Far from heavy industrial style of Midgar and quasi-realistic pseudo-European touch of FFVIII. Show me Pulse already! Or add some dirt and decay to what we've seen so far.

FFXII plot question: Can someone just tell me with yes/no if one of the main six characters is going to die? Only "if", not "who", please.

And Ashe is planning to use a weapon of mass destruction against the Empire. I'm mightily curious how it's going to develop.

Yuna´s Wish 19-04-07 14:48

You want to know quite a spoiler...oh, well, the answer is: No, nobody dies.

Forwen 19-04-07 17:50

That's interesting. The death (or "departure" if you prefer) of at least one of the characters was at least hinted at in all four FFVII-FFX.

gtkilla 19-04-07 18:02

Well, it looks like FFX25fsns1III isn't exclusive to the PS3. :D haha


Hyper_Crazy 19-04-07 18:04

I knew that. XD

Reggie 19-04-07 18:19

I didn't know that but I had a funny feeling they would. Square-Enix has never had any particularly solid loyalty to any system. See how much Nintendo thought they were safe with keeping FFVII exclusive to the N64?

I'm not sure whether to be disappointed or not. I just hope that FFXIII still makes the most out of both systems and doesn't go middle of the road.

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