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Reggie 04-07-07 15:38


Tetsuya Nomura, explains that the game "will be very action oriented, where players will feel more engaged in the battle rather than just watching it unfold.
I really hope so. I don't want to end up sitting there literally with the characters on auto pilot during battle.

FFXIII seems to be shaping up very nicely. So far everything I've heard is positive and I'm ready to give it a chance :)

yuppymunch 05-07-07 09:57

ok as i have said before one here, i am new to ALL ff game, and i am currently playing FF XII.

i am 12 hour into the me, and so far.. no aeons!!

is there any? are there summoners?!

nightwishgirl84 05-07-07 10:02

they are called espers and yes,there are plenty of them (many optional) !!
you choose who'll become the summoner for each esper in the licencegrid.
there are 13 in total :)

yuppymunch 05-07-07 10:05

ooooooooooo ok i was getting worried cos thats what i loved in FFX

nightwishgirl84 05-07-07 10:09

i have some nice high quality pics of 4 espers.
want me to post them???
i won't do it unless you say yes cause they are spoilers afterall :)
i don't want to ruin that for you.

yuppymunch 05-07-07 17:55

HEY! yeah POST EM!! well, not all of em, like the first couple you get or something!! im excited now!! YAAAAAAAAA!:jmp:

nightwishgirl84 05-07-07 20:00


that's all the pic i have of espers :(

Forwen 05-07-07 20:11

Does anyone actually know where is Mateus in Mateus Esper? Is it that chunk of... chitin holding the spear or what?

Heheh, such a video had to be committed sooner or later:

yuppymunch 06-07-07 08:37

oh they're cool!!

but, i did like valefor!! i mean, the second esper.. its a bit.. well , michelin man- esque...!!

besides him, the others are wicked!:tea:

yuppymunch 06-07-07 08:42

OH YEAHand, just some more help..:confused:

i am at the part (FFXII) where you are in the ship bit, tryin to save penelo.. i just wanted to know what are good levelsto have everyone at, at this point in the game! cos i know its good to level up as much as possible. Vaan is at 12, as are everyone else in my party.should i have made them higher? or is it ok!

i hope this message made sence!

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