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Baslakor 06-11-19 17:42

As far as I know at least 1-2 builders were already (at least partly) building before the competition.

Personally, I really, really don't care. There are builders in this competition who have been building for a decade. Others have been building for just months. I spend days trying to set up things that would take experienced builders mere minutes. Is that fair? Yes, I think it is.

TR-Freak 06-11-19 17:42

Some builders used TombEditor, which is - objectively speaking - easier and faster to work with compared to NGLE or winroomedit
3 months is enough time (if you work passionately) to build levels in the scale of what I've seen so far.

Reggie 06-11-19 18:02


Originally Posted by noonbob (Post 8149491)
Really :eek: Currently playing your level and it is GORGEOUS! I am loving every little detail.
Seemed to me that you were an expert in level editor with a whole catalogue of levels.

Glad to hear it. :) Maybe one day! This was a good level to gain experience for sure.

LoreRaider 06-11-19 18:12

I'll just leave this here even if I know it will be useless anyway
Can't you all (whoever is hating on this) just enjoy the levels we worked on from july till now with passion without discussing for every little useless and nonexistent problem which just raises even more drama?
This whole conversation about tweaking computers and builders starting earlier the level (which is completely wrong) it's getting really boring, we really have to move on and stop this mess.

Without doing a double post, I would like to thank everyone who enjoyed my level and also who gave a review about it, I got so much love which I didnt even expected during the last days, so thanks again! :D

Tulilintu 06-11-19 20:20

I just can't get over how magnificent Sleeping with the Fishes was. :eek:

OverRaider 06-11-19 20:34

Finished Monastery of Talion by PhryneCroft


Gameplay & puzzles: 7
Enemies objects & secrets: 8
Atmosphere sound & cameras: 9
Textures & lighting: 8

Score: 8.00

This level really does amaze in the atmosphere aspect as the scenery is beautifully crafted spiced up with the windy and chilly weather at evening time while snow slowly and densely falling off the sky. And so Lara has to reach the monastery while getting through these snowy valleys and caves. It consists mainly of platforming with some occasional search for keys and some pathfinding but once Lara reaches the monastery it gets even more interesting with some nice little, even if too easy puzzles, however the traps are way more exciting though they are never warned by any warning audio. Same goes for the soundtracks that are really sparingly used throughout the level yet those used are always well chosen. The background sound effects sure do fit perfectly in each respective area. It is also beautifully textured and lit but there are occasions especially in outside areas with quite a few distorted and squeezed textures on the rocky hills and some inside rooms are unnecessarily quite too dark. Some water texture were not animating though but otherwise pretty everything here is very nice to look at. Gameplaywise the areas are rather fluently passed with very few tasks to accomplish in each room or area or with very little complexity, though there are some good ideas like pushing the lamp in a room with the mirrored floor where even the reflected lamp moved as Lara pushed it or some welll designed platforming parts and traps but never anything new, never something what has not been seen before, there was not any wow moment in terms of puzzles and gameplay but this game has one strong point: discovery! As you progress further and further into the depths of the monastery, discovering new areas are always pleasant as they always look so good. Can't really praise the secret locations, unfortunately, as the secrets here are super easy, now seriously, what is the fun in finding easy secrets? There also must be mentioned that many of the door sounds are missing as well as sounds of the levers sometime worked sometime did not. These things could have been done better or fixed and the experience would have been ever so much better. Well, overall this is really a good level and I am expecting great things in the future from this author. Well done!

Next level: Abandoned Cathedral by Osvaldo

Teone 06-11-19 21:33

Playing Puna's Revenge. The design is really amazing. Congratulations.
I noticed a particularity in the sound set that I never heard before: the sound of Lara's steps are echoed if she is in a huge room while is not (or less) echoed in a narrow corridor.
Normally the steps sound changes depending on the kind of floor but not depending on the size of the room. This is a very good sounds set. Who made it?

Edit: I noticed this in the place where you find the second torch.

OverRaider 06-11-19 23:03

Finished Abandoned Cathedral by Osvaldo


Gameplay & puzzles: 5
Enemies objects & secrets: 2
Atmosphere sound & cameras: 4
Textures & lighting: 4

Score: 3.75

Well it is definitely not abandoned cathedral as it is occupied by ninjas but what in the world are ninjas doing in there? Whatever their purpose, they also had the dogs on their side, well, their bad as Lara had no mercy with either of them. The place did not really look like a cathedral to me, rather lazily built room connections with some little effort put into cheap details here and there, the rooms appart few exceptions are correctly textured without any mistake visible though it still feels somehow wallpapered and simple while the lighting is pretty much bland and flat to say the least. There is proper background sound effect chosen enriched with soundtracks mostly well fitting to the situations encountered though not overly impressive either. The gameplay is honestly better than I expected as it pretty much provides player friendly tasks and challenges especially the ascending and descending platforming in the central room or the quite well designed timed platforming with switches and trapdoors as well as the quicksand room with the spikes coming down the ceiling. Though nothing was overly innovative nor anything new here but at least it is pretty playable. I think if this author would be willing to spend more time on creating the levels and putting more effort into designing the rooms he could bring definitely something a lot better, though this has been already said many times by many reviewers and nothing has been changed, so how about taking the advice seriously for a change and seeing the result?

Next level: Legacy of the Scion by Baslakor

Stryke 07-11-19 00:07

So on point^

Baslakor 07-11-19 00:53

Some devastating reviews among those... I'm getting worried! :admles:

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