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tidusffxwakka 10-03-10 15:26

just finished the lake as light, took my time today to just enjoy the game, battle and crystal level up, mastered everyones grids for now :P so tomorrow i will continue for abit.. though i still not fought an ediolon i kinda hoped i would by now but i will tomorrow im sure if the trailers are anythin to go by

Dia2blo 10-03-10 15:26


Originally Posted by Familitchi (Post 4433984)
I saw on an article that it's better to install for the loads and graphics!But the game is really...; BIG so after I will don't have place on my XBOX
( but I don't have the game so ... )

I'm sure it'll be fine even if you don't install it. :)

Familitchi 10-03-10 15:27

The opinions of the players are so good !:p I really exicted !

tidusffxwakka 10-03-10 15:28

just install one disc at a time its 6 gb thats what i do and i have 60gb model of the 360. but i did notice a slight graphic improvement load times are about the same appart from the load up from save bit

trXD 10-03-10 15:28

XIII is soooooo much fun!:D:D:jmp:

Edit: Also vannille is my favourite just because she seems the most interesting. I like her voice, i know its weird, but i think its supposed to sound that way.

Familitchi 10-03-10 15:30

I think I will install yes !
But I must wait 1 month for my birthday It's really long , with all the fans say they have it!

tidusffxwakka 10-03-10 15:30

yep i like that characters run ahead or near you its an improvement they forgot since ff8,

Legend of Lara 10-03-10 15:30


Originally Posted by trXD (Post 4433999)
XII is soooooo much fun!:D:D:jmp:

I know, right? So free-form, so customizable...
Shame about Vaan, though. :(


Familitchi 10-03-10 15:30

Characters are the best of all the FF!

Carbonek_0051 10-03-10 15:31


Originally Posted by Legend of Lara (Post 4434009)
I know, right? So free-form, so customizable...
Shame about Vaan, though. :(



Srsly, Vaan is the most annoying chick to ever be in the FF series. Although Vanille is pretty close.:whi:

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