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TombOfRaiders 22-12-10 11:46


Sekai's Duodecim Jump Festa Gameplay Report

Heyo people, back again with some juicy information for my day's absent. This time, I managed to get five players to analyze and play the demo multiple times to gather up as much information as they could while under the time restraints SE placed. Much thanks to the following players:

- Nae Joong Kim: "Dev"
- Mikoto Takeuchi: "Mikoto"
- Takeo Sugihara: "WonWon:3"
- Chris Emerson: "xxArcaniteBlasterxx"
- Richard Valeos: "LatinoHeartv2"

You'll notice that only one of the players is returning from the TGS report. She just happened to have the funds to do this trip, so yeah. College, what can you do eh? All five of them play in a JPN scene and are up to date with the meta pertaining to the US and JPN versions. ALso, the players portion should be taken lightly. I listed who played who, and who managed to contributed the most to the information. All of them played pretty much a wide variety of cast members...so it's kind hard to pinpoint exactly who goes where for each one. The jist is given as a compromise, sorry.

Final Note, as always: TAKE THIS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT FROM TEARS OF DRAMATIC QUEENS~ They changed it before, they can do it again!

I'm gonna go in this format:
+ Pros/Buffs
- Cons/Nerfs
* Any tidbit or examples to the above.
# Neutral, highly volatile information (aka WE REALLY AREN'T SURE!)

Form of Encounter:
Systematic Changes:

EX core gives less EX force now. A 4 wings core fills about 50~70%.
Multi Ground Dash : R+triangle, dash on ground towards opponent.
Multi Ground Dash+: R+triangle, dash on ground towards opponent. Turning possible (with analog stick)
Ground Dodge Distance Up
Assist Lock on

Assist Lock lasted for around 20sec.
Assist gauge was not that easy to fill up. Big change from TGS.
Assist gauge also doesn't deplete as fast as before.

Ground Dash: need to stick on the ground even when locked on EX core. Makes it hard to get EX core in some stages.

Warrior of Light:
+ Sword Thrust: slight tracking vertically
+ Rise Upper seems to hit the back easier than before.
+ Ultimate Shield has faster start up
- Dayflash lost wall rush. Big nerf for Duodecim.
- Bucklers no longer initiate chase.
- Assist bucklers aren't as good as in TGS. Seems the speed got nerfed or something. Either that, or the CPU got more idiotic. Lost chase option probably because of the assist mechanic.
- Ultimate Shield still is useless...
# Rise Upper has less range and an awkward angle. Not that big of ]deal and might be a mis-sight
# Red Fang has a damage buff? Not sure.

Player: LatinoHeartv2, Dev, Mikoto, WonWon:3
Form of Encounter: Played, CPU
Impressions: (I'm going to summarize this, cause it's pretty much the same all across the board)

WoL isn't so shiny in this game, even with Dayflash in the air. He lost some wall rush and chase sequences, so comboing is going to be different. Glitches he had in UT and US are patched, so I don't think you'll be seeing him too often nowadays. Out of the playable characters, we rank him 2nd worse (Dev thinks he should be higher, but that's cause she got whipped by a combo :P) He feels basic and now lacking some bite. Hopefully this changes or some people are gonna be sad.

+ Flare looks to have absorb? TGS form didn't change. Closes the gap on the first hit, strong tracking and can do so vertically too. Comboable too. (got hit by Highbringer weak -> Flare)
+ Blaze is faster and had a slight tracking change.
+ Cyclone might be faster on start up?
+ Ground assist is Round Edge, full hit too. Usually activates at close range. Sets up for loads of ****.
- Cyclone appears to disappear faster too.
- Air assists aren't that good. Haven't seen Bardiche yet (probably is there.)
# Highbringer follows the foe more?
# Deathblow seems to set up perfectly for an assist, but was able to get out fast enough from CPU's attempts. Will try if Garland becomes playable.

Player: LatinoHeartv2, xxArcaniteBlasterxx
Form of Encounter: Assist, CPU
Impressions: Ever wanted to know what Garland was good at in DFF? It should've been assisting, cause Round Edge is ****ing sexy when spaced out right. He also has highbringer and the new Flare attack combos well with his pokes. He abuses the wall rush mechanics well, and works well with other attack oriented assists. Landing the HP's doesn't seem to be an issue this time around. For Sephiroth, the nerf to SC's hitstun is compensated for Garland's massive damage and lockdown while hitting a foe.

+ Ground move system changed up entirely. First hit of his Seize Knife, Flash Lance, and Reel Axe all can lead to interchangeable finishers:
* Towards + O = Slash to Fire Arrow. Possible to lead to another assist and chain to Straight arrow
* O = Fierce punch that leads to a leveled wall rush. Easy to chain into Tidus's ground assists.
* Away + O = Axe Spiral. Sends the foe flying in a downward angle somewhat.
+ Straightarrow's start up is faster and the speed is like a freakin' bullet. Still is lacking tracking and priority, but the speed makes it easy to punish attacks now.
* Straightarrow is one of his best punishers at long range. Laguna gets hurt real bad if he decides to randomly whip out an air attack.
* Does not instant hit things. Speed is almost double of last game's SA.
+ Seize Knife is utterly ridiculous in combos. Wall rushes near the ground lead to Seize Knife landing combos. Some examples are:
* Seize Knife 1st hit -> Flash Lance -> Wall Rush -> Assist -> Wall Rush -> Straight Arrow
+ Flash Lance absorbs really far now. The weird angling issues it had in the last game also aren't present, so it's more consistent with the absorb. Range is perhaps just outside of Seize's tip. Big buff.
+ One of the biggest abusers of the Duodecim wall rush engine due to nearly all his attacks wall rush. Works good with Tidus assist.
+ Magical attacks are trifold and can be used in succession. Goes up to three consecutive castings. Definitely helps his vector game.
+ Ridiculous amount of ground pressure and walling. Strong at any distance.
+ Lord of Arms is as great as ever. Think of it as a two wave Wide Angle, with Seize tracking.
+ Really high damage output potential.
+ Axe can continue even if whiffed. Easier to cover up the lag.
+ SS got buffed yet again. It strikes the foe downward and leads to assist combos. Awkward as it is, the wall rush is welcomed.
- Blizzard still doesn't wall rush. But it does more damage.
- There's a noticeable cooldown in between Magical arts if you don't cast the next one right after. Dodge cancel point isn't instant. Blizzard has the quickest, then Fire, then Thunder.
- Still has a high learning curve to master, but can do more now at beginning levels. D:
- Lord of Arms is considered melee, so it gets guard staggered.
* is also not as good with skyline ceiling maps (high ceilings). Does not track into the air, but has a tall first arc.
- Air SS still stinks. No changes that was noticed.
# Fire has less hitstun? Might be due to the tri-casting.
# Blizzard's speed increases as it ricochets?
# Reel Axe has a quicker DC point. Perhaps right as he catches the axe. It doesn't seem like he's able to cancel it anytime before it though.
# Due to his variety of options, assist type will be player preference most likely. Combo friendly assists will help him a lot in damage output, but mage and long range assists can help set up for Straightarrow or magic traps.

Player: Mikoto + Sekai
Form of Encounter: Played, CPU

Mateus Palamecia:
+ Ground Mines arent' dashable? CPU seems to keep on getting hit by them even while charging.
+ Flare tracks faster
+ Less things go through Red Flare
+ Assists greatly help his vector game
+ Starfall has magic reflect properties. I believe it's during the charge time, so that foes have to get closer or use other attacks to cancel the charge.
* Is far easier to land than last game
+ Melanchony's Prison is a trap type. Like an HP thunder crest, only it's straight HP damage. Has a large activation window.
+ Thunder Crest is a double edged sword with assists. Opens up big damage opportunities
+ Full charge Dynamite guard staggers.
+ Crit formula didn't seem to get nerfed as hard as others, despite low level build.
+ Ground Dash helps his game A LOT. Benefits from both types of dashes.
+ Ground Mines, while still kinda useless in it's intention, build meter well. Quick cooldown, no-riposte risks.
- Prison never had invincibility. The activation window just occurs right when the staff hits the ground. Loses a lot to magic attacks.
- Flares build meter slowly.
- AA option are still lacking.
- Bombard is too slow still, but no real changes.
- Thunder Crest still holds the foe in, even if the assist comes to smack them. Could be used for HP resets though.
* Also still negates immediate damage after TC releases the foe.
- Charge time on Dynamite did not change. Neither did the angling speed and positioning.
- No change to walk speed.
- Light Crest is still the same as TGS.
# Falls floatier??
# Starfall's charge feels faster, but that may be due to it gaining magic reflect.

Player: Mikoto + Sekai
Form of Encounter:

Onion Knight:
+ Power up HP attack temporarily boosts stats. Builds small amounts of meter.
* Does it one at a time, and an aura will be present depending on what buff is active. Red for STR.
+ Firaga's speed is noticeably faster.
+ Can deal respectable damage with assists. Ground BRV chain is great for this. Was combo'd by CPU assist after ground splatter for a break with crit damage.
- Firaga's blast radius feels smaller.
- General playstyle did not change. Still a patience oriented character.
- Lacks moves to build meter outside of magic. CPU didn't really gain a whole lot from using moves outside of magic.

Form of Encounter:

Cloud of Darkness:
+ Has several new follow-ups for her tentacle attacks. There's one where she spirals the two around her in a circle and stuns the foe. Similar to her sphere whiplash BRV attack in DFF.
+ New BRV: Tentacles of Hate- 3rd form hits with a large orb that guard staggers on hit. Orb is like a BRV flare.
+ Ground 3 BRV and Air 3 BRV are faster and tracks better. Tracks vertically for the ground version (Tentacles of Pain)
* In Air 3's case, it provides more hitstun. Easier to combo with assists and EX-mode schenanigans.
+ All her HP's are faster and less noticeable.
+ Wide Angle PB is taller, moves faster, and is undodgeable by going over or to the side. Tracks the air too.
+ Fusillade doesn't lock position of CoD. She can move as it's being casted.
+ Feint's attack portion can hit at higher angles now.
+ Is going to get a new HP attack.
- Tentacles still keep her abysmal ground speed.
- Fusillade still didn't seem that good. Tracking didn't change.
- O form has a longer start up.
- Air 2 might have less hits, and is overall weaker in this engine.

Player: WonWon:3
Form of Encounter: CPU

Cecil Harvey:
+ Light Bringer is a solid, mid-range poke. Fairly fast start-up, good cooldown. Considered to be magic, so Cecil won't get staggered.
+ Shadow Bringer has a tiny range but is fast for an HP move. Range is about Solid Barrel, if not a bit longer.
+ Shadow Lance guard staggers when near.
- Still lacking in the pokes department at close range...especially in Paladin form. Seems DK is his poking class.
- Paladin Force got a range nerf again. Not as bad as UT, but worse than TGS.
# Valiant Blow (Dark Knight) MIGHT track vertically somewhat too. Animation looks the same, but we got hit by it in some scenarios that wasn't possible in UT.

Player: WonWon:3
Form of Encounter: CPU

Kain Highwind:
+ Celestial Shooter (CS): upward attack, long reach. Jumps up with spearpoint skyward.
+ Thrust Lance (TL): forward attack, short reach. Looks like a charge. Acts like a poke now.
+ Crash Dive (CD): downward attack. Spins down like a wheel.
all have 3 follow ups depends on your input
* CS > upward wall rush (UP+O), forward chase (O), downward chase (DOWN+O)
* TL > upward chase (UP+O), forward wall rush (O), downward chase (DOWN+O)
* CD > upward chase (UP+O), forward chase (O), down wardwall rush (DOWN+O)
+ Cyclone is slightly faster. Punishes more.
+ Easier to combo after first pursuit. Gets significantly tougher as you do it more.
- His cancel points shifted up apparently from TGS, so I'm not sure where they are now.
- Gungnir has a nerf buff according to Mikoto. Makes up for it with tracking.
Player: Dev
Form of Encounter: Played

+ Sector Ray: Creates three orbs around the foe's current position and fires electrical beams to fry them. Multi-hit, appears to be magic. Never got to test whether we can riposte stun it. Range is best at mid, little ways closer than the dark pillar BRV attack.
+ Air BRV's track better. Golbez didn't appear to randomly shoot the opposite direction as often as before.
+ Gravity Force (Close) now has the little orbs he shoots after a warp will cause guard stagger (Ranged Mid priority)
- Nightglow's magic portion seems to be shorter in range. Not sure though.
- Blocked aerial brvs will not generate the lasers.
# Might have lost invincibility during jumps. Was capable of striking him when he disappeared, though it may have been bad timing. Too unsure to make any final statements.

Player: WonWon:3
Form of Encounter: CPU

Bartz Klauser:
+ BRV moves are faster, now has some pokes on the ground other than Solid Rise.
+ Paladin Force got a slight range buff, strangely.
+ Flood is faster, and works well with assists.
+ PV showed him holding Vaan's Katana.
- Holy feels weaker. (not sure what they meant)
- Lack of new character moves. Feels incomplete for a mannequin.

Player: Dev
Form of Encounter: CPU
Impressions: Not much to say really. Bartz feels incomplete and still lacking as what kind of focus he should have. The addition of speed buffs to his BRV gives him better pokes on the ground, but his air game is still Holy oriented. Too bad the Holy is weaker in pursuit. CPU was pretty stupid with him.

+ Almagest is DC'able before the hit. Can also guard while Almaghest is activating, so it adds to his walling game.
+ Grand Cross spawns faster
+ High Guard follows the foe as long as you hold it down.
+ Reverse Polarity guard staggers again.
+ Hurricane starts up fast enough to be comboable from RP. Great ****.
- All shield nerfs are still there it seems.
- Unfortunately, Grand Cross isn't like Almaghest. Can't DC out of initial casting.

Player: Dev
Form of Encounter: CPU

Terra Branford:
+ Meltdown assist is REALLY good for traps. Will do the lvl. 3 and seems to have mechanics to change charge according to some of the SE people there.
+ Fire tracks like a *****.
+ Blizzard Combo is still solid.
+ Blizzara freezes the foe for a few moments, like other Blizzard spells now.
- Meltdown lvl. 3 lag is present in the assist. REALLY easy to swat her away and lock down.
- Tornado assist is kinda mediocre. Moves too slow to do much.

Form of Encounter:

Kefka Palazzo:
+ Scatter Blizzaga's first hit guard staggers, same speed.
+ WWF moves faster, same properties.
* It MAY gain speed after hitting a wall, not sure though.
+ Line of Thunder tracks in the air, think a faster White fang from WoL
+ Capable of moving while doing Forsaken Null
+ Ultima is unblockable on explosion too. No free punishments now.
- Havoc Wing got a slight range nerf, hitbox doesn't stay out as long.

Player: LatinoHeartv2
Form of Encounter: CPU

Cloud Strife:
+ Double Cut in the air can lead to assist.
+ Meteorain Air got retweaked. Spread shots like the ground version, but tracking changed up.
* Tracking for both ground and air versions have each meteor track the foe separately. MUCH harder to escape.
+ Slashing Blow as an assist is scary. Absorb draws in and can even be used as an offensive bait. Easy to score Assist Breaks with.
- Double Cut to assist is pretty tight. CPU only managed to hit once with it, the rest was escapable.

Player: Mikoto + Sekai, Dev
Form of Encounter: Assist, CPU

Tifa Lockhart:
+ Blizzara spells freeze opponents down for a set period of time. Might be shakable.
+ Does NOT have charge attacks. What you see before you is the initial start up of the HP attacks. It gets masked by the feints as a compensation.
* Non feinted HP attacks have slightly larger ranges than feints as compensation for a speed reduction.
+ Moonsault Kick's feint point can lead to aerial combos when combined with landing lag. It's a downward axe to a drop kick. First part is floaty, so best combined with a jump.
+ Falcon Dive is a pursuit down that can lead to chase.
+ Water kick is a great close range poke, leads to Somersault. Range is perhaps Upper Blues?
+ Beat Rush is her solid barrel, charges in and strikes the foe down, leading to a chase sequence.
+ Meteo Drive: Three part HP attack with feints before/after the flip and before the finishing hit. Charges forth and does a somersault after a step in, then ground pounds the foe. Wall crashes if it connects.
+ Meteo Strike is wonky. Charges forth unfeinted and then leads to a grounded wall rush. Sets up for Cloud's Climhazzard and a brv follow up.
* Example: Meteo Strike -> wall rush -> Climhazzard -> Water Kick -> Somersault
+ Burning Arrow: Rushes forth and strikes,sending the foe flying away. Wall rushes. If feinted, will spawn right behind the foe and strike them away. GREAT for baiting guards. Feint point is right at the start up.
+ Rolling Blaze has a controllable feint spawn, which is great for angling.

Player: Mikoto + Sekai, WonWon:3
Form of Encounter: Played

+ Moment is a Dayflash for Sephiroth. Impressive range than you'd think, but does not gimp the speed. Leads to a wall rush, so combos with assists are extremely possible. Wall crash portion looks similar to Oblivion.
+ All his attacks were easy to work with in wall rush combos.
+ Scintilla has longer guard frames. Until he's actually swinging does it activate.
+ Godspeed is faster.
+ Octaslash has better vertical tracking.
+ Heaven's Light starts noticeably faster.
- Glitch with Hell's Gate doesn't seem to be in the new build.
- Sudden Cruelty DC point is not present in this build. Major nerf.
* Less hitstun too.
- Godspeed got a range decrease
- Heartless Angel's lagggg is huge if canceled early. Much harder to use it as bait.
- Shadow Flare still has the hitstun nerf. You can still use it to zone, but not so viable as the past.
# Heaven's Light hitbox from the ground got nerfed?? Was able to just stand there and watch the CPU whiff it completely. Might be an HP attack to air foes only.

Form of Encounter:

Squall Leonhart:
+ Assist Solid Barrel does big damage. Very helpful to characters with low damage output (Laguna D
+ Wall rush heavy
+ Long range assist shifted from Thunder Bullet to Fusillade. Aerial Assist was Mystic Flurry and Beat Fang.
- BF retains its tracking nerf. Seems more might be able to escape it.
- Mystic Flurry assist turns Squall into an open target. Hardly can call it pressure.
- Circle's absorb property isn't quite what you'd think it is.

Form of Encounter:

Laguna Loire:
Tactical Gunner
Hard data:

- EX Mode = "The Faeries Have Come!" - Weapons gain a glimmering golden sheen
- Faeries' Miracle allows Laguna to cancel the cooldown of attacks by launching into others immediately afterwards
- EX Burst = All Guns Blazing - Laguna hangs from the ceiling and you must direct machine gun fire with a crosshair while swinging to maximize damage, and then he unloads a military barrage that only the Hi-Tech Country Esthar could provide with his Ragnarok!

+ Machinegun is a strong pressure mechanic. Capable of moving, hard to block all shots, and leads to a final shot that blast them away.
+ Ground lockdown game is impressive. Grenades keep the foe on their toes, Machinegun pins their cooldown, and Sniper Rifle hurts long range games.
+ Shotgun guard staggers when fully charged.
+ Shellbomb is great as a shield and lasts for about 2-3 seconds.
+ Sticky Bomb gives loads of hitstun after blowing up. Only sticks on foe, but blows up anywhere else if not charged.
* Sticks anywhere when charged. Builds little meter.
+ Ragnarok Blade has a great start up and range. Like faster Blasting Zone, but in the air.
+ Ragnarok Buster also starts quickly, and nails anything within a 0 - 35 degree angle from the ground.
+ EX mode keeps on the mid-range pressure by removing lag, immensely helping.
+ You can glitch the Satellite Cannon with an Assist. Right as the beam is coming down, 2 bar assist can somewhat glitch the game into letting Laguna move around after. Inconsistent though.
+ Homing Bazooka is good for long range halo campers. Just light jump and launch one of those to bring'em down.
+ Air game is pure long range. A mixture of the best from DFF.
+ 6 Pack Rockets are a slower Holy at first, but pick up after.
+ Impressive speed for HP's. Possible to punish people's BRV attacks with Blade and Lazors.
+ Spirit Laser initially goes out, then blows up into a rain of HP balls. Tracks somewhat and decently fast.
- Air game, while spammy, leaves him REALLY open and exposes Duodecim's new balance between air and ground.
- Shotgun is pretty slow. You'll rarely get the full charge out on a human opponent.
- SEVERELY is lacking close range gtfo me attacks. HP attacks are his resort it seems. He has it worse than mages when a foe gets in.
- Stays stagnant for BRV attacks outside of Machinegun and Shotgun (somewhat)
- If something is outside of a 45-55 degree angle, Laguna will have a hard time AA'ing them outside of long range (and maybe the outskirts of mid)
- From what we can see, he cannot cook grenades.
- Sticky Bomb is a double edge mechanic. It can either set up for you to deal interesting damage, or totally give your foe a free shot at an assist combo
- Got damage? Laguna doesn't.

Player: Mikoto + Sekai, Dev, xxArcaniteBlasterxx
Form of Encounter:

+ Arrows don't spread out so badly as before. More will hit in a focused area.
+ Apocalypse spawns and moves faster. Small buff though.
+ Knight's Spear is a new BRV attack. Her GTFO me at close range, creates a spear that swats the foe away.
* Charged form makes two that form at her feet in a cross. Strikes the foe if close and stays a long while.
+ HP's are overall buffed. SP charges faster and makes a bigger bang.
- Arrows feel more focused. Was capable of running out of the spread more easily, or shaking them off entirely.
- Axe uncharged still is blockable. With a lack of an aerial camping/zoning game like the past games, it's harder to get in the effective range to use it safely. Was really easy getting to Ultimecia and staying in.
- No Maelstrom....sorry. Couldnt' kill any more time waiting for it.

Player: Dev
Form of Encounter: CPU

Zidane Tribal:
+ Has a button lock. SA -> Kuja close range aerial assist -> SA first hit only. Timing is kinda strict, you need to hit with only the first hit of SA, then Kuja needs to do the second hit around the same time as the second hit. Not precisely, but close enough. Then, do another first button press of SA and hit the foe out of Kuja's assist BRV. Foes fell straight to the ground (in this case, Orphan's Cradle)
+ EX-mode is actually useful now. Multiple Jumps help him maintain an aerial game unlike other characters and the invincibility gives him a stronger aerial game over the rest of the other cast (except maybe Kuja)
+ Free Energy is good at building meter.
+ Booster 8 is another ground rush attack. Strikes once, charges forward like Climhazzard. Beats a lot of BRV attacks in clashes, so it may have priority. Very low cooldown on hit.
* Possible to chain to just about anything with a fast start up, aka his BRV or FE.
- Damage output is severely lacking in this build. Partially due to the engine.
- SA whiffs a lot now. Might be a hitbox issue.
- Shift Break hits awkwardly now. It's like, you need to get hit by a lot of the bolts to be guaranteed for the HP portion. Not confirmed.
- Kuja is an awkward assist partner.
# Assists might change his move properties if done mid-string. Kuja's summoning knocked several people out of Booster 8 and Rumble Rush.

Player: Mikoto
Form of Encounter: Played, CPU
Impressions: Definitely nerfed since the US and UT version. Not just because of his damage, but chippers in general are wonky in Duodecim.

+ Seraphic Star gained mobility like his other HP's. Capable of moving.
* Hitbox stays active longer.
+ Flare Star tracks better and longer than before.
- Flare Star takes longer to start up because of the increased tracking.
- Very awkward as an assist. Landing the initial hit isn't so much the problem, it's what to do with it after. Ground fighters do not benefit so much from Kuja.
* Elaboration from Mikoto: His ground assists constantly change the range of the foe or blast them away too fast for a follow up. Since he's always moving while an assist, it was hard to follow up with a Rumble Rush or Booster 8.
- Nothing new to really report from TGS findings. CPU was pretty lame.

Player: Mikoto
Form of Encounter: CPU, Assist

+ Hopstep's tracking got slightly better. Not as ridiculous as it originally was though.
+ HP attacks all got better tracking and slightly faster.
+ Hitbox for Spiral Cut is FAST. As soon as you initiate it, the first flip is already the BRV portion.
* Has Magic block too.
+ Sphere shot has guard stagger properties.
+ Fullslide is a great assist move. Leads to wall rush and keeps them stunned long enough for you to recover and strike.
+ Less delay time between the dodge and ___ attack. Attack part comes out faster.
* Air Dodge and Run has vertical tracking, though slight.
- Comp didn't try to dodge out of his Dodge and ______ attacks, unlike TGS build. I think it's gone now. D:
- Quick Hit still is terrible on Ultimecia's Castle.

Player: LatinoHeartv2
Form of Encounter: CPU, Assist

+ Jecht Beam: Has absorb and works similarly to a Jecht Block. Will activate regardless, but can stop or clash with a lot of attacks. Relatively fast too, so you can kill medium -> slow starting BRV's with ease. Doesn't seem to wall rush, since a foe can air recover.
+ I think he may have a new string of attacks...He started off with the kicks in the air, then did something completely different. Didn't get to see it too well, because I EX Revenged by accident. It looked like he was slashing in mid air, or was going to...
+ Really good as an assist. Does his o, o V+o version.
- Jecht Beam doesn't have that good of a range. The beam part is pure aesthetics.
# First hit with a lvl. 2 charge of his ground BRV string seems to have a range buff. Slight though, so I'm not entirely sure.

Player: xxArcaniteBlasterxx
Form of Encounter: CPU

+ Less cooldown on HP attacks. Very noticeable too. Faster start up too.
* Lower BRV cost for next level of magic
+ You might be able to chaincast BRV attacks too. Not sure though. It also may be a glitch.
+ Bind is less glitchy
+ Stun gives off hitstun equivalent to how much BRV you have. It's not as drastic as HP though. Very common to see Stun -> Retribution even at low BRV.
+ Couple of Attacks hit aerial foes better.
+ Retribution guard staggers and still magic reflects.
+ Bio doesn't vanish if blocked or such, it just gets reflected.
- Bio wars have begun! D:
- Was Tornado always so easy to dodge away out of?
* Tier 1 magic is still blockable.
- BRV game, while better, still is difficult to pull off.
# Developers there rumored she might get a new attack or two. Don't quote us.

Player: LatinoHeartv2
Form of Encounter: CPU

+ EX mode: Weapons all become the strongest of their class. Damage up
+ EX mode bonus: Pressing R + [ ] switches to bare hands.
+ Spear (Switch): Has absorb
* Has lance combo's old absorb range
+ Axe (Switch): Guard staggers
* decent speed, short range
+ Greatsword (Switch): Guard staggers+Wall Rush
* Slower, but greater range and damage
+ Katana (Switch): Chase + Magic Reflect
* During the wind up, he has magic reflect.
+ Sword and Shield (Switch): Guard properties
* Guards first, then attacks
+ Crossbow (Switch): Magic Reflect, EX efficiency boost?
+ Has a move for any situation, despite not all weapons present in this build.
+ Main pokes: Lance (Drawn), Axe (Drawn), Crossbow (Drawn/Switch), Greatsword Air (Drawn)
+ Wind Concurrence HP is a great trapper, like Cyclone. Creates control for the field
+ Inferno Concurrence HP is essentially Grand Lethal
+ Earth Concurrence HP is Earthquake without the BRV damage so much.
+ Water Concurrence is similar to Spirit Laser or Blaze. It racks solely on the general area prior to casting. Meant to trap with assists.
- His pokes mainly come from non-switch moves.
- Lacks tempo setters. Will resort to turtling to whip out a weapon that can poke.
- He's got an obviously high learning curve, much like the FFII and FFXI reps in DFF
- His EX mode ability isn't all that useful unless you have a wide set of switch skills. Most are pretty slow.
- Shield and Sword gets baited a lot. You cannot skip the shield portion of the switch skill.
- Right now, switch skills are gimmicky at best.
# More properties will be added to other weapons. He's not complete.

Player: WonWon:3 + Sekai
Form of Encounter: Played

+ ****ing SCARY in this build. EX bars are easier to obtain, so his EX charge doesn't take a while.
+ He wall rushes all the time, and does great damage. Benefits really well from assists.
+ Best BRV move so far: Dual Rend. Builds about 1/3 bar on hit, enough for Rupture to do the rest.
+ Hatred still looks to be the same, maybe slight absorb increase. Looks to be good for meter building.
- Non-EX mode still is pretty weak.
- Really hard to build meter in non-EX mode. EX Charge does not build meter outside of the first start up.
- EX charge gives little meter.

Player: WonWon:3
Form of Encounter: CPU

+ Waterga has Flare speed and tracking, but acts as a shield and magic pressure. Guard staggers on hit.
+ Thunder spells are the same as last build.
+ Cure is faster, but gives less BRV.
+ Feels less fluid when shifting between Paradigmns. There's a slight animation now, so that may have to do with it.
+ Really easy to chain into Flourish of Steel.
+ Ruinga is kinda...silly. Not in a good way, but can lead to assist combos. Hit stun is pretty long for Dissidia.
+ Thunder is a three part attack. Each casting is separate and initiates chase on the last part. Dashable, but you can delay the castings. Low cooldown and low range.
+ Ruin is a good poke. Decently fast, tracks like a hooker wanting her money.
+ Razor Gale + WoL aerial assist = profit.
+ Fire is a nice improvement over Firions. Tracks faster after the initial snail speed.
- Timing is everything with this character. Lag will hurt her a lot.
- Ruinga is really slow for a BRV move and magic. Makes up for it with tracking.
- Watera can be reflected
- HP moves have a hard time reflecting things, due to not really being physical based. They also have a lot of BRV portion, so only the final hit does the trick.
- Besides Thunder and Watera, it seems her magic is kinda poor.
- Her weakest area...is surprisingly close range. Most of her attacks are oriented to keep them at the tip of close and mid-range. She has the most combos while close, but a great deal of her attacks are oriented to keeping them at the tip of her sword.

Player: xxArcaniteBlasterxx
Form of Encounter: Played

Taken from: http://www.counterburst.com/showthre...ameplay-Report

trXD 22-12-10 13:11


Originally Posted by igonge (Post 5096772)
Well I think it's worth grinding until you max out your crystarium as far as it goes at that time. That's what I did every chapter before 10.


Originally Posted by ultima espio (Post 5097195)
Same here :p

When your on Barthandelus' ship, THAT is the best place to grind. You get so much CP, as well as incentive and credit chips, you can level up like mad. I did that the last time, and got to the CP limit :p

I had enough CP to max out my Crystarium another two times :|

I think you both misunderstood the question :p

*tries to make the question even clearer*

I was asking if I should bother fighting the enemies for exp during chapter's 1 and 2 since you only get the crystarium at the beggining of chapter 3, because either it counts the exp you got prior to the crystarium or you never get any exp in chapters 1 and 2 at all.

But yeah, I'm done with that now anyway :D

ultima espio 22-12-10 13:14

Well I wasn't actually replying to you...:p

But no, no point grinding before you get the Crystarium. You don't get any CP until you get it, so what's the point? :p

trXD 22-12-10 13:15


Originally Posted by ultima espio (Post 5097479)
Well I wasn't actually replying to you...:p

But no, no point grinding before you get the Crystarium. You don't get any CP until you get it, so what's the point? :p

Oh I know, it's just I was wondering if it counts all the battles prior the chapter 3 when the Crystarium give you your first CP points (when you first get it).

ultima espio 22-12-10 13:17

Don't think so. I think your just given a set amount of CP regardless of how many battles you fought.

igonge 22-12-10 15:03


Originally Posted by trXD (Post 5097482)
Oh I know, it's just I was wondering if it counts all the battles prior the chapter 3 when the Crystarium give you your first CP points (when you first get it).

Oh right lol. You don't get any CP until the characters become l'cie.... I think

DragonSlayer 22-12-10 15:46

Question about FF8, i'm after ditching the garden to go to esthar, is there any way i can get back to the garden i think i've done it before but i can't remember i still have some unfinished business at the garden.

ultima espio 22-12-10 16:03

You have to go back to FH after getting Ragnarok I think:o

DragonSlayer 22-12-10 20:47


Originally Posted by ultima espio (Post 5097997)
You have to go back to FH after getting Ragnarok I think:o

Thanks i was thinking that, last time i played FF8 and that was a more than a year ago i think i flew Ragnarok into the garden, that's how i think i got back to the garden don't know for sure if that's how i did it, i was thinking of walking along the bridge to FH.

trXD 22-12-10 22:41

Apparently that XIII novel set after the game has a cliffhanger ending, ooooooh! :D

Yeah, right now I've arrived at that stupid junkyard, literally the worst part of the game for me, I hate it... it sucks! Meh, I do like the rest of cocoon after that though :)

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