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Vinkula 28-05-20 09:12

One thing that really annoys me in the voice acting is the grunting. And there's over an hour of it? Ugh.

Blackmoor 28-05-20 10:41

Since FF10, which got me into FF, I've normally gotten each FF day 1 on release. But FF15 put me off so much that with the FF7 remake I couldn't be bothered, especially as even though I haven't ever played FF7 I knew the big spoiler about a major character.

So I watched a playthrough instead. And now I wish I'd just bought it and played it myself. It looks such a great game. :(

RAID 29-05-20 11:46

I never thought I'd say this, but I have changed my mind about FFX.

While I still think the English voice acting is terrible, with the voices turned off, I am actually enjoying the game quite a lot. Playing with the voices off, it feels similar to FF8 and FF9.

Also, the mod that allows you to speed up or skip cutscenes is a god send.

SnatchingEdges 29-05-20 15:57

FF7R is the complete opposite of FFXV, and for the good reasons.

MiCkiZ88 29-05-20 21:08

I actually enjoyed XV, more so with the royal edition that included more story. Have to give Tabata some credit for basically redoing the whole mess in 3 years that Nomura had been slacking on for 7 years. It was an incomplete game unfortunately and seriously lacked on the story department.

Edit: just got the platinum trophy for remake :D

Nephili 08-06-20 05:55

Well done MiCkiZ88. What did you think of hard mode? I found the boss fights to be quite intense, mostly fun though.

Tsarina 16-06-20 19:17

Anyone know if there has been any news regarding DLC yet? I know they stated there would be some end game content. Have not found anything news related as of yet.

LNSNHGTDS 16-06-20 19:23

Haven't heard anything yet but I suspect we'll get summons? Maybe outfits too?

Wonder if maybe they'll squeeze in a Lara skin like they did for Lightning... I'm curious to see Tifa dressed as Lara tbh

Vinkula 16-06-20 20:10

I just want to play the game in any of Cloud's dresses.

SnatchingEdges 16-06-20 22:03

Maybe towards the end of the year. Or maybe they'll wait till the PC release...

BTW I've been playing FFIX a couple of hours, looking for the chocographs with the speed mode activated. I'm... dizzy, accelerated, I'm seeing everything in real life at x2 speed :hea:

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