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RAID 16-02-07 20:49

Awesome. I do hope however it's not Dark Espers. I miss original enemies like Ozma or the Weapons from FF8.

Yuna´s Wish 16-02-07 20:53


Originally Posted by Forwen (Post 1580924)
Main Quest only?! Dear Hyne, so such games are still made?

:vlol: You know, I had a very similar thought...games, nowadays, are way too short, even RPGs. It´s disappointing. But this one is huge because of all the leveling up and the immense places you´ll visit. the smallest dungeon is as big as Ultimecia´s Castle, or even bigger.

Psyched 16-02-07 20:57

Penance was an original enemy in addition to the Dark Aeons (at least in the International version).

Great that you completed FFVIII, Yuna's Wish. The scene with Laguna is quite sad. Definitely just morph some cards into invincibility potions and then cast Aura on Squall and Rinoa and use their ultimate limit breaks. You might want to hold out 'til just before its Terra Break attack (that WILL kill your characters if they're not invincible) before using the Hero Drink or Holy War or what have you. Also, morph some Death spells and junction 100 deaths to each of your characters' defences if they've a level multiple of 5.

Megalith 17-02-07 13:35

Today i went to my local game shop and much to my surprise they had FFXII!!!!:eek: I couldn't believe that i was holding it in my hands!!!:jmp:
But unfortunately i had no money with me so i have to wait until next week...:hea:

RAID 17-02-07 15:26

You mean it's already out in Europe :yik:?

MiCkiZ88 17-02-07 15:45


Originally Posted by RAID (Post 1582846)
You mean it's already out in Europe :yik:?

Suppose it's true.. They already reviewed it in a local game show here (they only review games that have been released for public) :jmp:

Megalith 17-02-07 16:15


Originally Posted by RAID (Post 1582846)
You mean it's already out in Europe :yik:?

Yes,i couldn't believe it either!
But it has happened before,TRL was out here in Greece earlier than the UK release.And other games too...
I don't know how this is happening but i'm not complaining!:)

Yuna´s Wish 17-02-07 16:35

So...what are you waiting for? Go and get it!:D You´ll not regret it...until you finish the game and realize about a few tiny details...:)

Hyper_Crazy 17-02-07 16:36

Hey Yuna's Wish it FFXII a good game, is it better than X and X-2?

Yuna´s Wish 17-02-07 16:38


Originally Posted by Hyper_Crazy (Post 1583023)
Hey Yuna's Wish it FFXII a good game, is it better than X and X-2?

The problem is I loved those games :p The gameplay of XII is fantastic, way better than any of the previous FFs. It´s more addictive than any of the others too. But the story is pure :cen: and it lacks a lot of things ALL the others have. The gameplay is Legendary, but Crash Bandicoot´s plot is better than this one (way better)

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