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Trigger_happy 25-03-07 13:29

Thanks to Hyper_Crazy's help, I managed to subdue the second demon wall. Though I'm no good at chaining quickenings together- I can get a 3 chain, but that's it. I touched 1 set of the flames and they both went blue, so the damn thing increased in speed twice! But it fell eventually.

cheers, for your help.

Hyper_Crazy 25-03-07 13:41

Lol, no problem.

Right, I'm at Golmore Jungle, just done Henne Mines, Tiamat was so easy XD.

Vaan: 28
Balthier: 26
Fran: 28
Basch: 26
Ashe: 28
Penelo: 26
Larsa: 27

TR FAN 18 25-03-07 15:53

Does anyone know how to get the Tournesol? I think it involves selling Loot, but I dunno what stuff.

Yuna´s Wish 25-03-07 16:08

First of all, congratulations for beating those 2 :yah: :tmb:

Getting the Torunesol is way too hard...it required loads of loot. I prefer trying to make the Spear appear lol.

MiCkiZ88 25-03-07 16:09

Great.. I'm at giruviagan or something like that and it just had to have a boss fight right in the beginning :pi:

It had like less than a percent or so hp left.. and then he does some sort of spiral attack and kills everyone :hea: how much hp does that bugger have?

I found a sword from the feywood that has he attack power of 90 and deals k.o Sweet sword! Vaan does something from 1600 to 2400 every hit at level 37

Yuna´s Wish 25-03-07 16:23

I think you found the Death Bringer? It´s a good sword I´d tell you to equip for everyone (especially when you don´t have the other swords). About the boss...if that attack is a problem use a quickening or a summon when his HP is low.

ben_the_joka 25-03-07 16:31

hey can anyone explain to me what the difference between ffXIII and FFXIII versus is? i know theyre 2 diff games but why is there 2 final fantasy 13's being released?

Yuna´s Wish 25-03-07 16:52

There are 3 FFXIII being released...one is a mobile phone game I think. I don´t know the purpose...they´re just 3 different games. Maybe they will release 4 FFXIV :p in the future.

ben_the_joka 25-03-07 16:54

now that would be kool, also one other question.

i was working my way throught the ozmone plains last night and i went into a cave with these, elctro horse thingys in it... it was mega mega hard (for level 19ers) ... am i supposed to go in there?

Yuna´s Wish 25-03-07 17:00

I think you might have got inside the Zertinan Caves, but I´m not sure (the caves have access in many places of the map)...if this is the first time you visit Ozmone plains (and you´re acting according to the plot) then it´s not the way.

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