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TR FAN 18 30-03-07 20:43


Originally Posted by lee32uk (Post 1686717)
Anyone know if there is another way to get the Zodiac Spear on FF12 as i opened one of the 3 chests that you are not supposed to by mistake :o
Can it be bought/won sometime in the game?
Im at Panama Rift so theres no chance of me restarting the game again :hea:

Yes, BUT it's the HARDEST way to do it. You'll need 10 Espers before you can do it though. The Spear can be found deeper in the Henne Mines in a chest at the 2nd hidden junction after the 5 Abysteels you come across. HOWEVER, the chest has only a 10% chance of appearing and JUST 1% of it containing the Spear. So that means you have a 0.1% chance of getting the Zodiac Spear the other way. I found the chest and it only had 4010 Gil so you'll have to keep coming back to the same area lots of times.

Hyper_Crazy 30-03-07 20:45

I'm glad I haven't opened the chests, it still sounds hard even when you don't open the chests!

Hyper_Crazy 30-03-07 22:18

Do you actually get an airship in this game?

EDIT: Oops, could of edited my other post, sorry.

kryptonite23 31-03-07 06:29

When my cousin played that game for the first time she did not get the airship but in her second try she got it already.

Kiss-Bite 31-03-07 07:24

Are you talking about FF12? You do get an airship, in the same sense you get one in FFX (not as a vehicle) I think you can't miss getting it as it happens at a certain point in the story. I could be wrong?:confused:

Hyper_Crazy 31-03-07 10:50

Cool, what part of the story because I'm at Balfonheim Port, and I really want the airship!

kryptonite23 31-03-07 13:41

I dont know where is the specific place but I know it is near to that place.:)

Hyper_Crazy 31-03-07 13:48

I need a break from FFXII, I might start to play FFVI, but then again, I probably won't.

kryptonite23 31-03-07 13:51

What is better for you,the FFXII or the FFVI?

Hyper_Crazy 31-03-07 13:54

Where does 'the' come from?

Well, I don't know, I like FFXII, but I have been playing it non stop, I need a break from it, and since I have played all the other Final Fantasys recently, accept VI, I guess it was time that I replayed that.

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