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Jo269976 05-03-10 11:36

GAME dispatched my copy yesterday so it should be here Monday I reckon. Can't wait.

*laralover* 05-03-10 12:15


Originally Posted by Jack Croft (Post 4418016)
I wish Amazon would hurry up and start processing my guide as I'm not going to play much without the guide and dont want to have to wait another week to actually play some of the game.

Why did they have to delay the Collectors guide to 10th March-16th March it could be anytime in between there. :hea:

Yeah i usually dont use the guide properly the first playthrough only for items and battle tactics. The second playthrough i try for 100% :D

Jack Croft 05-03-10 12:37

**** Amazon there screwed me too many times I ordered Collector guide from play.com :hug:

*laralover* 05-03-10 12:53

I dont trust PLAY :p

Flyin11 05-03-10 12:58

I don't trust having my games shipped to me. They could get lost, misshipped, or even damaged. I just go to my local nearby store. I know some people can't do this as they live too far away so that might not be a option but I just prefer to go and get the game right on that date...

TheBloodRed 05-03-10 12:59

I understand what you mean. Going to Wal-mart at midnight and getting the game right away usually is the best choice of action for those who cannot wait but as for me I will be playing FFXIII endlessly so I doubt waiting for a few hours or so would hurt me if at all.

Plus GameStop has a same day as release date deliver guarantee. :P

Carbonek_0051 05-03-10 13:01

I am going to Gamestop at midnight, even though I won't be able to play the game for a week. ^_^

I am just going for the FF trivia.:pi:

Rivendell 05-03-10 13:03

How come you can't play it for ages, Nate?

Carbonek_0051 05-03-10 13:05


Originally Posted by Rivendell (Post 4418253)
How come you can't play it for ages, Nate?

Can't. Say. For. 5. Days.


Legend of Lara 05-03-10 13:11


Originally Posted by Carbonek_0051 (Post 4418259)
Can't. Say. For. 5. Days.


I'm guessing that's when you'll get a PS3 again? :p

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