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Matie 02-10-12 08:54

Protected by the Dead
Hello everyone! :wve:

Most of you might still remember that almost one and a half years ago there was a competition held, called One Room Competition. I had a lot of fun working on my entry for the contest and after the release I've received some very encouraging comments about turning it into a full adventure. I started working on it, but then stopped for a very long time, barely touched it for about a year or so due to having no inspiration. In the last few days I felt like working on it again, now trying to make it playable for the Hungarian TR Meeting.

Updated screenshots (click for bigger size):

The first trailer:

Older shots from the Screenshot Showcase thread: [01] [02] [03] [04]

An older, outdated video: http://youtu.be/Jhkvg74-Ky4
Trap teaser: https://youtu.be/O65VtI6Usck

Please let me know what you think!:)

DJ Full 02-10-12 09:25

If You didn't say a word about the stairs, I wouldn't have noticed there's something wrong with them... Well, honestly I still can't see what You meant. Lighting?

OMG, Germans have their meeting, Dutch and Hungarian do as well, and what do we do in Poland? NOTHING! Someday it's gotta change...

-Roli- 02-10-12 09:38

Everything looks great! :D


Originally Posted by Matie (Post 6460428)
Now trying to make it playable for the Hungarian TR Meeting.

Can't wait to play it there :jmp::cln:

jungle raider 02-10-12 10:10

I am gonna play this one for sure! :D

Pipe 02-10-12 11:39

Wow Matie, this is amazing! :cln:

Richard_Croft 02-10-12 14:16

It looks so TRU-ish :cln:
Can't wait to play it

Luke_ 02-10-12 14:34

Love the atmosphere! So spooky yet beautiful. Will play it for sure. :)

sackboy123 02-10-12 14:35

Looks great so far :jmp:

SteeleRaider 02-10-12 15:15

Looking nice Matie! Very atmospheric, looking forward to seeing more!

Die Basis 02-10-12 16:06

Wow, looks great!!!:D

How could you alter the you tube windows with round corners and shadow?:confused:

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