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Uvavoo 24-11-06 09:28

Ideas, comments and Suggestions
Please post your ideas, comments and suggestions about Level Editor tutorials in this thread.


2kool4u 24-11-06 16:33

like them all maybe you can add
1for TREP the codes for colors
2. how to make your own civilian/outfit.
3. how to put water textures.
4. how to add horizon.
thats all i can think.
btw ill send you the pic when i get home. im on vacation.

Tomb-Raider 24-11-06 18:00

HHow do you put a door in your room to lead to a ssecond room?

2kool4u 24-11-06 18:08

can you go further for the animation editor.

Titak 24-11-06 18:09


Originally Posted by Tomb-Raider
HHow do you put a door in your room to lead to a ssecond room?

Please keep questions like this one in the regular forum. This thread (and subforum) is for tutorials and for suggestions for new tutorials only. ;)

Titak 24-11-06 18:10


Originally Posted by 2kool4u
can you go further for the animation editor.

What would you like to be added?
(Btw, I just added a section about StateID. :D )

2kool4u 24-11-06 18:14

I would like a little tutorial on how you did your own animations. If its ok with you.

Titak 24-11-06 18:16

I'm not sure what you mean...
I've already described that in the animation tutorials. :confused:

2kool4u 24-11-06 18:27

I mean step by step. move mouse here. Turn mesh there.
sorry its kinda hard to explain. btw i was just gonna ask for a cutscene editor.

Titak 24-11-06 18:42

I think I know what you would like: a tutorial you could follow step by step, like the level building tutorial.
Like going through the creation of a custom (for example) kneeling animation.
The tutorial telling you how to create each frame step by step and you can then follow those steps.

Is that right?

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