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Titak 08-01-18 16:54

Thanks. :D
I've changed the blocks to clicks in the text, but I can not change that in the image about fall damage.

I'll let dcw123 know. :D
PM sent.

Mulf 16-01-18 08:38

Sapper’s tutorial on when to pop and when to push when building a mesh tree is now sadly unusable, as the images have kicked the photobucket, and the download link to his Mesh Tree Kit is invalid.

Any chance of an update, or perhaps an alternative link? (Not on Sapper’s blog, as far as I can see.)

Titak 16-01-18 11:47

I've sent a PM to sapper. Hopefully he'll respond.
If he still has the images and download, I'll reupload to the forum server space. :D

sapper 23-01-18 01:57

I still have images so will send to Titak.

The download is also available with my Meshtree Editor download in Docs folder.

Download at trsearch tools.


In the meantime there may be a chrome extension that will display nuked photobucket images. Search for photobucket hotlink fix extension.

Mulf 23-01-18 06:56

Excellent! :D

rufierto 22-06-18 18:15

The links on the tutorial page for meta2tr seem to be broken.

shayislandshay 16-03-19 20:06

Splitting a level
I have looked on this site for info about splitting a level into two but can't find anything specific enough.Is there a tut somewhere on splitting levels? Thanks for any help.

Titak 16-03-19 20:16

No, there isn't.

Btw, this is not a thread for asking questions, it is better to do that in either the TRLE section, or when using TRNG, in the TRNG section. :D

But while we are here, in a nutshell, splitting a level is just copying the whole thing to another folder (complete prj and tga) and making a copy of all the wad files. Then rename all the files.
Open the renamed prj with the renamed tga and wad, and delete rooms you don't need anymore for that part.
Do the same for the original prj, the complete one you copied to that other folder.

shayislandshay 16-03-19 20:44

ok, sorry Titak, thank you

Titak 16-03-19 20:55

No problem.
I see you made a new thread. :tmb:

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