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Titak 06-01-07 12:30

I've sent you a PM. ;)

Zelda master 06-01-07 12:51

You got a reaction:)
however i noticed that i got the PM after i made the topic:o

Titak 06-01-07 13:06

Well done. :tmb:

I've closed the thread.
If you want to add some things, just let me know so I can add them for you. ;)

Zelda master 06-01-07 13:06

Thanx ill keep it in mind:)

Lara'sMan 19-01-07 11:41

suggestions for tutorials.
Horizons! Please!! No CLUE how to add them or change them.

Still have problems with water textures. why can't their be a "fill with water" button instead! Lol.

What to do once the level is built and textured...what files you need and how to take it from the actualy level in the editor to the finaly playing level. I still am clueless and yet to even make a tr level. :(

Anything to do with triggers, lighting and adding special effects like mist, sound effects and music.


2kool4u 20-01-07 19:35

titak ill write on how to put the horizon if its ok with you?

Titak 20-01-07 19:37

Uvavoo will most likely add it to the beginners tutorials but he's quite busy atm so I'm sure he won't mind.
You can create a new thread for it. ;)

If you are planning to add screenshots to make things more clear I could upload them for you.

2kool4u 20-01-07 19:50

yes please. hold on lemme take a few screens.

LaraMan2 08-02-07 00:10

can someone pm me on how to make...
1) other rooms attaching with other rooms

2) activating rolling balls

3) how to make a switch open a door

thank you

Zelda master 08-02-07 06:59

Place a rollingball anywhere in a level, click on it and then select the piece of Land where it must be placed, then press the Pink button, whenever Lara steps on that Square ingame, the balls will roll or fall, depending on the floor and height it was placed on...

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