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Laras Boyfr. 20-07-11 16:43

So will we see HGs tutorial now? :o

Titak 20-07-11 17:33

Oops, thanks for reminding me.
I'll download them of that page and upload them onto TRF. :D

In the meantime, simply check the link HG posted.
The whole tutorial is there.

A_De 22-02-14 15:32

Sorry for the bump, but this thread is open and still sticky...

I'd like to see the full list of the hardcoded sounds and audio. I mean those sound effects like those which are assigned to rollingball or pushable, or those screams when Lara touches the enemy, or the Bubbles line which is linked together with the underwater bubble effect. And some music tracks which seem to be hardcoded for ex. those when Lara uses the jeep. So I'd like to know the numbers of potentially problematic music tracks and names of hardcoded sounds. If there are any guidelines or tutorials I'll be grateful for pointing me in right direction. If not, may I make a thread for that? If someone else is interested with this, of course.

Titak 22-02-14 16:37

You're using TRNG, right?
If you enable Diagnostics, you can see which sounds are playing.
So easy enough to find out which sounds (slots) are used by, for example, the rollingball and a pushable. :D

Same for the audio. Simply get into the jeep and listen which track is playing. :D

Scottie 22-02-14 17:15

When you drive the Jeep you hear the Track 098. When you go out of the Jeep, you hear a different Backgroundtrack. Let's say it's 107 before the Jeep. After the Jeep it's 110

A_De 22-02-14 18:43

@Titak, @Scottie: thank you. I know about this diagnostics feature though. My level needs many different sounds and i just try to avoid using hardcoded sounds because of possible unwanted additional effects. The problem is that i'm not sure which sounds and audio are hardcoded and which are not. And the purpose of my request was to know this. Sorry again, but i really need help here. We can move to another thread for discussion to keep the thread clear :)

@TimJ: thank you, this is useful information :)

TimJ 22-02-14 18:50

I discovered today that the sounds 280 and 281 are hardcoded with the zipline (DEATH_SLIDE) or so I think. I checked for lara's animations and the death_slide animations but none did use these two sounds.

Nicklander 25-07-16 14:33

Picture 3 is wrong in "Triggering Door with 5 Pickups". Should be a pickup trigger instead of a normal trigger. :)

AkyV 25-07-16 14:44

I fixed it (with a note).

KurtisandLara 25-07-16 15:48

Oh didn't even notice this! :o
I'll fix the image and (if akyv is using my Dropbox images) it will automatically update the photo!

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