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AntRaidsTombs 26-04-18 22:21


Originally Posted by iWANEX (Post 7863246)
I'm loving that Jonah looks like his TR2013 self and not like in Rise. He looked cooler the first time around although now that I see him here: come to papa!!!

Eh, eh hes mine lol

MuhaBagci 26-04-18 22:21

Im gone for 3 hours and so much happened i am squeezching

them screenshots omg

i wonder if amazon was allowed to post em already

cause we cant see laras face in any of the screenshots so maybe thats the surprise tomorrow


my wig is snatched and flew all the way to yamatai and the maya temple

WWETombRaider 26-04-18 22:21

The hype is real. :jmp:

Grimaldi 26-04-18 22:21

Guys, guys, the shore image. Free swimming? :cln:

Mickybyrne20 26-04-18 22:21


Originally Posted by iWANEX (Post 7863250)
Lara's hair look exactly the same to me. Specially in the shot where she's underwater.

It's got improved tech, because it bends on her shoulders, making the ponytail appear shorter, but it's still the same length when you look at her on the coastline screenshot.

How do you guys know it's Jonah?

Persefone 26-04-18 22:22

loving these new uncharted screnshots

MuhaBagci 26-04-18 22:22

Idk if this has been discussed already but some game magazine claims that Jonah is Laras boyfriend now???

AntRaidsTombs 26-04-18 22:22


Originally Posted by NoahCrofRaider (Post 7863252)
When did he grow a ponytail? :p It's still awesome to see him again, with that awesome ponytail too! :cln:

This game could definitely end up being the best TR yet, and a new favorite for me. :jmp::jmp::jmp:

It has been well over two years since Rise, anybody can grow a ponytail lol


Originally Posted by Bughye (Post 7863255)
I've noticed in some screenshots the ponytail is either short or long. Maybe she does cut her hair in some circumstances :-??

I doubt it

charmedangelin 26-04-18 22:22

It may have similar graphics, but it looks like the developers put a lot more love and passion into this game.

I am on the verge of tears at how good this looks like it will be. This is looking like it's going to be the TR3/4 of the Reboot games which means that Shadow could become one of my absolute favorite Tomb Raider games. :D

OrangeJuice 26-04-18 22:22

jonah is a ***** confirmed by the CEO of Square Enix and those were his exact words

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