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TwinPistols92 17-03-13 03:40

omg i finally beat the game and it was so freaking good! half of the ending's story points were spoiled for me because of the art book, in-game gallery, and multiplayer though. It would have been a nice surprise.

The1andOnlyTR 17-03-13 08:17

[QUOTE=The1andOnlyTR;6699800]Did they choose winners for the Scavenger Hunt?!
They don't ever answer my tweets about it.. Haha.[/QUOTE]

-le bump-

brand.seph 17-03-13 11:23

Hey guys, is there a way I can change the daytime/nighttime cycle after completing the game?

spyrostr 17-03-13 11:30

[QUOTE=brand.seph;6708859]Hey guys, is there a way I can change the daytime/nighttime cycle after completing the game?[/QUOTE]

i think it changes automatically..all u have to do is to fast travel in any of the previous camps u have visited during ur playthrough

Supernova 17-03-13 12:40

I just tried the multiplayer today, and my god it's horrible.

I liked you receive expierence points and the fact that you can upgade your weapons, but the modes of play are just awful.

Why couldn't they have gone for more Tomb Raider-ish multiplayer modes?
Hoping future DLC can fix that. It's a shame really, because there's a lot of achievements that I just won't bother to get now because they're all multiplayer stuff.

Heckler 17-03-13 12:41

There are so many alcoholics in this game... Look at all the bottles lying around everywhere!!!! :vlol:

Lukass 17-03-13 12:41

I tried the multiplayer once for like 5 minutes. It's horrible and absolutely pointless.

lcroft_lc 17-03-13 12:50

BTW, anyone watched Nude Raider episode on GTTV? TRF is mentioned at the end.

lcroft_lc 17-03-13 15:39


tomee 17-03-13 17:28

Sooo, my tomb raider came with a card with a code on it which unlocks the Tomb of the Lost Adventurer DLC. Anyone knows how to use it?

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