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TheRCroft 19-03-13 02:15

[QUOTE=mizuno_suisei;6711790]SweetFX does the job :tmb: it's actually amazing.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, I installed that but I can't find the game exe file :/ Does anyone know where I can find it?

[QUOTE=Stevo505;6711759]I don't know how they did it, but I can adjust the contrast of my computer screen to make the game look more vibrant.[/QUOTE]
I actually didn't think about that, might try that out if SweetFX doesn't work.

mizuno_suisei 19-03-13 02:28

Put the SweetFX preset and DLL files in Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/Common/Tomb Raider/

I'm PRETTY SURE that's the directory i might be missing a folder within steam though...the Tomb Raider.exe is in that directory :tmb: It loads automatically too when you begin the game, press F12 to toggle it off and on. It looks so much more colourful!

Girafarig32 19-03-13 02:34

It's kind of embarrassing. I was stumped in the Hall of Ascension for like, over 30 minutes :p

motoleo 19-03-13 03:00

Every time I hear thunder, I'll think it's Himiko.

jeffrey van oort 19-03-13 03:02

[QUOTE=motoleo;6711846]Every time I hear thunder, I'll think it's Himiko.[/QUOTE]

lol. It's a fictional character. =p
You didn't think Natla was real, did you? (Yes I just said [u]was[/u] Ladies & Gentlemen.)

mizuno_suisei 19-03-13 03:19

[QUOTE=Girafarig32;6711826]It's kind of embarrassing. I was stumped in the Hall of Ascension for like, over 30 minutes :p[/QUOTE] I think I was too :vlol:Well atleast I think it was the same tomb...a few of them completely baffled me!

JayB18 19-03-13 03:55

[QUOTE=mizuno_suisei;6711790]SweetFX does the job :tmb: it's actually amazing.[/QUOTE]

I played around with sweetfx for a bit but ultimately decided it was an eyesore after about 30 minutes. The sharpness is set WAY too high. Even using the minimum sharpness value causes some artifacting to occur. I can't stand artificial edge enhancement at all so it may not bother you as much. Contrast curves and Hdr cause black crush. HDR causes too much bloom as well. The color boosting again looks completely unnatural. Basically it looks like someone turns your TV to vivid mode with all the crappy artificial edge enhancers, contrast enhancers, and color enhancers which mess with the original image. I prefer the original unaltered image.

mizuno_suisei 19-03-13 04:00

Yours sounds completely different to's probably different preset usage. There is a Tomb Raider preset on the Guru3d forums which i'm using. Might want to go for that one :tmb:

Yeah, I lke the dark/grey theme to the game but it's nice to see some colour!

Shark_Blade 19-03-13 04:43

Hoo.. boy. Just saw the new TR nude patch. :vlol:

lcroft_lc 19-03-13 05:24

[QUOTE=Heckler;6711355]I'm still not bored after 100% completion... Been shooting these buggers like a sadistic person...

All salvaged up and nowhere to go....


lol at those gigantic salvage figure! :vlol:

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