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Shark_Blade 29-03-13 11:31

I agree with him, I really don't like that line. What's the point?

Hate hero duty? Don't be a superhero.

Hate cockroach? Don't be bug exterminator. Be a maid or something.

Hate tombs? Why the **** would you be a tomb raider?

Doesn't make any sense. :confused: Why would they put that line?

tomekkobialka 29-03-13 11:38

She was being semi-sarcastic, apparently, and I guess it was a sort of joke that the developers put in there. Though personally, I think if she had a [I]real[/I] passion for tombs, she wouldn't say "I hate tombs" in such a bitchy way, she would probably just say "I hate this place" or blame herself for underestimating how stressful tombs can be. ;)

hayden 29-03-13 11:39

"I hate tombs."

NEK MINNIT facial expression expressing her interest and fascination in the tomb.

tomekkobialka 29-03-13 11:42

^ :vlol:There's a clear disconnect there. :p

Also, I think she's overgeneralizing. Suddenly she hates [I]all[/I] tombs? Gurl, if you came on TRF Debate & Political Discussion with that attitude, you wouldn't last one minute. :ohn: :p

tomee 29-03-13 11:44

Didn't she say that because there were bugs all over the place?
I mean she's a historian/archeologist of some sort, surely she doesn't hate tombs.

I have no idea why everybody is so serious and pissed about this line. I found it cute, and fitting.

Shark_Blade 29-03-13 11:48

They need better jokes tbh. Or more human common sense, cause that one is plain senseless.

trfanX34 29-03-13 11:49

I don't like that line, but I don't care too much for it.
What I do hate though, and a LOT, are Jonah and Alex's cheesy as **** lines. I cringe at everything they say.

Shark_Blade 29-03-13 11:51

Example? Do tell.

I think Jonah's are okay.

trfanX34 29-03-13 11:55

"The only thing I know is that logic is useless to understand this place."
"You think that your instincts are a weakness, but they're a strength. Trust them!"

These two are passable, but then there is...

"When the storm hit the Endurance I felt it - something dark; something alive..."

And I could go on forever :rolleyes:

Let's not even mention the "little bird"...

hayden 29-03-13 11:58

I love Jonah and everything he says, but Alex's are way too cheesy.

Example, "You have to leave without me" or something like that. Basically telling her to save herself.

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