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JimbobJeffers 21-09-22 09:04

NVIDIA just announced this insane software to export assets in USD format from any compatible game (possibly DX9 games only?), edit them in your own software, then export that as a mod anybody can play that remasters the game.

Potentially this could also be used to extract full levels from the game for fan art and other purposes?

There are loads of images there but here's their example from Elder Scrolls III:



This is some crazy modder's paradise... I'm really hoping it will work with at least some Tomb Raider games.

laralives 21-09-22 17:53

Quite possibly- I read a bit of the article and I think there's a huge potential for the improvement of graphics in the Core Design games. Especially with the new mods like TR1Main and the continued improvement of all earlier games it might definitely help with a fan-modded remaster.

(Some TRLE games already look as good as the first image- and I'm excited to see where this might lead and what might be created/remade with this tool.

Mokono 23-09-22 00:27

How interesting! Looks like a true successor to the old 3D Ripper DX.

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