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Heckler 17-08-08 19:55

TR2 Modding Thread...How to and Showcase
Can a mod please sticky this.....

Interested in modding the classics?


Okay then...
To do this....download Fexmerger and Pixstr on this page Here

Okay...now go to your TR2 data directory folder and copy your .TR2 file you wish to play and paste it anywhere on your harddrive...(make sure to make another copy of your original file too)
Okay the reason why we do this is because with a program like pixstr it says some crap about access denied if you edit the in-directory file.....
Okay now.... open your copied .TR2 file in pixstr (for texture editing) and fexmerger (if you wish to play for instance with the wetsuit on the great wall)
Then do what you must with the apps (They're VERY easy to use)...

Then save your files......

Okay now.....copy those files back into your data directory replacing the originals and your all set to go!!!!


Remember to post some screenies.....!!!

Tomb Raider Master 17-08-08 20:12


Originally Posted by Heckler (Post 2975075)
Can a mod please sticky this.....

Err...not yet, sorry. We don't know anything about modding the classics.

badboy70 17-08-08 20:16

Here's my texturing tutorial


Tomb Raider Master 17-08-08 20:18

Great. I should create that section on TRHub, as well as one for AOD modding. *sigh* :D

Are there any classic mods so far?

badboy70 17-08-08 20:21

I've released a WIP that will not be continued :
Home Level

I'm working on retexturing The Great Wall :)

Tomb Raider Master 17-08-08 20:23

So, that will be the only file? No others by some other people?

badboy70 17-08-08 20:27

Everyone's still working at it :)

Flame .... Mansion
Richybazire... Oil rig
Thecentaur.... Tibetain Foothills
The Great Chi ... Floating Islands.

Tomb Raider Master 17-08-08 20:29

Awesome. :tmb: Be sure to send me a PM when you're done, so I can put that on TRHub. In the meantime I'll create the corresponding page. Could you please do me a favor and collect all info needed for modding the classics? Thanks. :)

badboy70 17-08-08 20:34

Sure :)
I think it'll be finished either tomorrow or in 2 days.

Expect a PM soon :)

Slinc 17-08-08 21:07

Good thread :tmb:

I'll try to begin modding, it looks very interesting ^^

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