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Gabi 22-06-15 20:15

Open Chat XVII
Sorry to disappoint you folks, but this time round it is me who gets the opening post. :p

The reason for this is to clear up a few things before we start afresh:

The purpose of Open Chat is to be able to post about things that don't warrant a whole thread of their own, be it to ask a question, to make a comment on something that you have heard/seen and want to share with the community or to simply talk about a personal topic with others.

Over the last few months it has been addressed more than once that some members "highjack" Open Chat for their personal, private conversations and banter, thus making others feel uncomfortable and preventing them from joining in because they feel that they are intruding or not welcome.
This is a public thread where everyone should be able to participate if they wish to do so; a platform for private dialogue between two members it is not.
Therefore, if it is just you and one other member who are replying to each other, then you should make use of the forum options of VM/PM and take your conversation there.

May I also remind you that the forum rules, including point No.2, do apply to Open Chat and that we are a family friendly forum.
Anything you would not say to your children, younger siblings, parents, teacher or your boss should better not be posted here either. ;)

Right, sermon over - time to have fun.

I wonder who will get the first post in after mine. My bet is one of three members ... :whi: :cln:

Oh, last thread can be found here.

GUMI 22-06-15 20:16

...That was fast.

Seth94 22-06-15 20:21

Yay new chat. :D

Gaelen 22-06-15 20:22

In on the first page! :D

Vinkula 22-06-15 20:22

I love the smell of a new thread in the evening :admles:

klona 22-06-15 20:22

I wonder if a chatbox can solve all these 'spam' problems.
But then again, no mod could monitor everything going on there, which is a shame. If only most people could moderate themselves when posting. :p

Trenton 22-06-15 20:22

Nice! So, why is there a new chat really? Is there some max post count per thread thingy that causes this? :)

Enya Brennan 22-06-15 20:24

Finally! I was waiting for this :p

Peterstar101 22-06-15 20:30

Open Chat XVI, we knew you to well :p

Yay! New OC :D

TheRCroft 22-06-15 20:35

I expect a huge celebration when we finally get Open Chat XX. Any ideas? :pi:

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