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tombraider4ever 31-07-16 17:30

tombraider4evers Fmv Lara model
I'm making a Fmv Lara model in Daz, using different morphs, I was inspired by larafan25s awesome artworks in this thread: clicky, I have posted some picks of my Lara models there also. I decided to make my own thread here instead of hijacking larafan25s thread :)

Here is an earlier version of my model and some later renders of my current Lara Fmv model:


Click the picks for the full size renders :)

Alex Fly 31-07-16 18:00

Beautiful ! :tmb:
And good idea to post all your renders in a thread so we can see them all at the same place. ;)

tombraider4ever 31-07-16 18:12

Thanks! :hug: Fmv Lara has always been the one closest to my heart, so the positive feedback I have received about my Fmv-model really means a lot! ♥
Contructive criticism is welcome also ofcourse, as I want to improve :)

ersel 31-07-16 18:57

really super :cln:
Will you make also render with Von Croy.

tombraider4ever 31-07-16 19:16

Thanks! :hug: I would love to make renders with Von Croy if I had a suitable model. I am new at Daz so I havent any morphs for males yet, only some basics that are included as fit or not fit body, toned or not and so on. For some reson I have gotten the most products and models for females lol

I have a Lara render in the works, I will post it when it's finished :)

yesrushdt 31-07-16 20:45

Looks superb tombraider4ever! Coincidently enough, I was checking out your renders on deviantart yesterday for the first time. Absolutely love them, especially some of the TR1 loading screens you did.

VindicativeBF 31-07-16 20:58

would you please make more of these?

Laras Dream 31-07-16 21:21

I love your interpretation. Its so unique. She's a lot more sharper in terms of facial bone structure than the classic FMV model; I approve! :)

tombraider4ever 31-07-16 21:40

Thank you so much for the compliments! :hug:
I will absolutly make more :)

tombraider4ever 31-07-16 22:16

Another render :) :

Click the pick for the full size render :)

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