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dishmush 25-10-17 19:23

Lara Croft diary
We all know that Lara Croft wrote 2 books ("A Tyrannosaurus is jawing at my head" and "Slaying Bigfoot"). But what would it look like if she wrote a diary?

As a celebration of Lara's first journey, we prepared the first chapter of her diary. Each of her journey will be documented from Lara's point of view, each game having it's own diary.

Read the first chapter on our website: http://lara-croft.cz/en/
And like our Facebook page to get updates when a new chapter is ready: http://fb.me/laracroftdiary

Created by LadyCroft.cz team

NoahCrofRaider 25-10-17 19:49

Nice! :tmb: The writing felt a lot like Lara which is something authors will sometimes mess up, so congrats on that.

JuditePrince12 26-10-17 00:28

I love this lol! :D

dinne 26-10-17 00:44

It really gives the impression of our beloved Lara! I was reading it like if it was an official stuff! Please continue this project, I love it! Not all can reproduce the same behaviour of her. :tmb:

Alex Fly 26-10-17 15:14

Great idea of concept and the result is really enjoyable to read. Very nice work! :tmb:

Boobandie 04-11-17 06:20

A brilliant idea. I quite like your style and it's great to read from Lara's perspective.

However, there are a couple of grammatical errors here and there, further proof reading would help or having a separate editor. Also Lara does know who both Pierre and Larson are in TR1. Judging by her attitude in Chronicles (pre-TR1) they've probably cropped up in a few of her adventures, but she considers them more of a nuisance than a threat. She's merely toying with Larson, dismissing him as just trying to bother her. It's only when she hears it was someone else who sent him that her ears prick up.

dishmush 11-11-17 06:16

Hello everyone,
thank you for your kind words! We really appreciate your insights and enthusiasm :)

I am the author of the graphical and technical side of this project (building the website) and my friend Arakanga is the author of all the writing. I showed her all your replies and we are both very happy that this project is so welcome :)

We are happy to announce that the second chapter, Into the cavern, is ready for you to read right now: http://lara-croft.cz/en/#page/6

We would like to add a new chapter every 2 weeks, and we will always announce our chapters in here and on our Facebook page, so stay tuned :)


Thank you greatly for your insights! All the time we were just thinking TR1 story, so we completely forgot about TR5! We fixed the first chapter a little to show that she knows Larson already.

Also we all come from the Czech Republic (middle of Europe) and English is our second (in my case third) language - hence some of the mistakes. But we found a proof reader who is a native speaker, so hopefully the quality will go up now (and again, we fixed the first chapter and had the second one proofread as well).

Anakzunamuhn 11-11-17 10:47

Very fun reading. I really like the simplicity in the writing. Sure the story will absolutely get stronger with each chapter as the game does.

For some reason I can't read the second chapter, I'm trying to open the link from my phone but it directs to the first one. Any idea?

And something that you may have missed is that Lara finds a lot of flora and fauna inside this snowy mountains, like some micro weather allows to grow life in this deserted place. Which imo it's the power of the Scion that allows this to happen.

dishmush 12-11-17 08:36

If you see "Into the cavern" in bold letters, that is the second chapter. You can turn the pages from the beginning to find it (but the link should bring you directly to the book opened on the second chapter). I'll look into it if there is some way I can fix this behaviour you are experiencing.

Thank you for the idea about flora and fauna, we will include it surely! :)

Heartache 12-11-17 17:25

this is really good! keep going :)

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