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dg1995 11-12-19 10:32

So, why people here hate Paititi ?
I finished the main story of SOTTR in deadly obsession difficulty recently.
I expected to get to a very annoying part in Paititi, but it never arrived.

So why Paititi gets so much hate here ? Did it have a problem that was fixed in the definitive edition ?
Or it's due to this that Lara's costume is limited in that part ?(Which I had no problem with that)

:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: :confused::confused::confused:

Costel 11-12-19 10:56

Outfit restriction
Outfits are ugly
Boring side quests with boring npc
Cannot draw your bow
Cannot use any weapon
Unskipable cutscenes
Unuratu and Etzli
Etzli again cause I hate him
Dramatic moments that dont do anything .CD/EM stop trying to make us feel sorry for the deaths of characters we barely know cause they got 4-5 cutscenes maximum.
Etzli again for that unskipable cutscene when Lara leaves Paititi after Unuratu dies.
Outfits restriction again cause they are also restricted in Cenote.

Vaskito 11-12-19 10:59

I think it's mostly because:

1) the outfit restriction

2) Paititi breaks the game pace a bit (and it isn't that big of an issue, since you don't spend that much time in it on the main campaign anyways - the sidequests is what can make it feel longer)

On my subsequent replays, I've grown to love it. It's amazingly detailed, and when you're in the mood, it's pretty nice to see/read/hear the daily lives on the inhabitants. Plus, I think it has some pretty nice back up story as well

SoraSakai 11-12-19 11:20

Because it is, in my opinion, very very poopy.

JoelCaesar 11-12-19 11:23

It ruins the pacing of the game. There is a massive set up from the beginning of the game to first arriving in Paititi. You can easily spend hours just wandering around collecting relics, documents etc. A section that is so long with a complete absence of combat really breaks the pace and you completely forget about the apocalypse.

Tombraider95 11-12-19 11:27

Because as well as it being restrictive, it feels like you're suddenly playing Assassins Creed or a poor man's Horizon Zero Dawn, not Tomb Raider.

dg1995 11-12-19 11:46


Originally Posted by Tombraider95 (Post 8158090)
Because as well as it being restrictive, it feels like you're suddenly playing Assassins Creed or a poor man's Horizon Zero Dawn, not Tomb Raider.

I actually had no problem with that since it added more variety in the gameplay.

I actually never felt of playing Assassin's Creed since I did nearly all of the challenge tombs before fighting the final bossfight.

Edit: also it helped that I played in Deadly obsession difficulty since that part gave me the relaxing moments I needed from having too few checkpoints.

Portugalraider 11-12-19 11:49

It is very restrictive by its "peaceful, no combat" nature, although I personally love to explore it and think that, as an environment, it is really well designed.

It also has a big problem of "wasted potential" I think. Paititi should have had three different states of play, to improve pacing on only of the hub, but from the game itself:

The first state should be as it is now: peaceful village. This would be the state the first time you reached Paititi and after you finish the game. You can roam as freely as you want around Paititi, doing side quests and stuff.

Second state should be a sort of "stealth state", activated when Unuratu is arrested and the rebels go into hiding. In this state, you'd have to sneak around the serpent guards, looking for anyone linked to the rebels, sort of like an Assassin's Creed game. The more sidequests you did in the first state (and continue to do in this one), the easier this stealth section gets, because more NPC's are willing to help you (distracting guards and whatnot). You could use violence, but it is discouraged because it can make you lose NPC trust.

Third state should have been an all out war in the streets of Paititi (possibly destroyed from any of the cataclysms). You'd fight Trinity and the serpent guarf your way to the final chapter, instead of just talking to Etzil. And again, the more NPC trust you have, the more NPCs help the rebels and traversing gets easier for Lara.

Kivlov 11-12-19 12:00

I think mostly due to outfit restriction.

Robwood 11-12-19 12:18

The O-Word restriction.

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