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Teeth 11-12-19 22:31

Delete NG Tomb4 Configurations
Hi guys,

How do I make it so NG Tomb4 is not set up on my computer at all, and it has no idea which resolution/settings I'd like to run with? Something has gone wrong and I'd like to start from scratch.

I've already detailed elsewhere the problem I'm having, but here it is again in case anyone has a solution:


With no Emergency Settings I have an extremely laggy inventory, so I turned on Soft Full Screen which fixed it.

For a while I could play on lower resolutions with no issue, but on higher ones everything would be in a tiny box in the top left corner of the screen (the rest of the screen just being pitch black).

But now, no matter what resolution I pick with Soft Full Screen on, the whole screen is always in a tiny box in the corner.

This is what I'm working with.
Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. :D

Boobandie 14-12-19 03:50

Create a shortcut of the tomb4.exe, open the properties of this new shortcut. In the Shortcut menu, go down to Target.

The line there should be the address of your tomb4.exe in quotation marks. Add a space followed by -setup, so it looks like;

"C:\...\trle\tomb4.exe" -setup

Rename the shortcut to 'Setup' or whatever you'd like, now you have a way to change the Level Editors settings whenever you want.

For actually removing the pre-set settings from your computer entirely, I think there is a way through deleting the application data somewhere in your windows files, but I cant find a tutorial on it.

Teeth 14-12-19 19:09

That last line is what I'm looking for. ;)

Boobandie 15-12-19 07:55

Sorry I couldn't help much with that. But I thought an individual setup exe might help refresh the settings more than the menu that pops up when you run the Tomb4.exe :)

Joey79100 15-12-19 08:20

Settings are stored in the Windows' registry.

Open the Registry editor (several ways to do it, common ways are pressing Ctrl+R then typing regedit, or typing it in Windows Start Menu for example). Look for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Core Design\ (you can just copy paste it in the address bar just below the menus), then delete the Tomb Raider Level Editor folder. :)

Teeth 15-12-19 10:46

Thank you Joey. :D

I really wish someone knew how to fix the 'tiny box in the top left corner of the screen' problem though...

Teeth 22-01-20 22:21

Pardon the bump, but I've found the solution in case anyone else is having this problem!

Right click the EXE and choose Troubleshoot Compatibility. Windows will set up the program for Windows XP Service Pack 3.

I KNEW I'd seen this problem before, and I KNEW the solution would be something simple and obvious I'd overlooked. :vlol: So glad I can play TRLE games again! :yah:

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