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tlr online 30-12-19 11:20

Tomb Raider Forums 'Night Mode' Theme - WIP
I have some time over the holidays to work on a dark theme for the forum. This is a very early WIP and a complete mess so I would like your feedback. You can revert your theme back to default using the drop down menu bottom left of each page.

Testing Night Mode Liquid and Night Mode Fixed.

To do:

1. Listen to your feedback and continue to make improvements.
2. Update images and buttons to better fit the theme.
3. Fix graphics on reply page.
4. Create logo or organise competition.

_Seth 30-12-19 11:25

It's excellent that you're working on such a thing, but... isn't there any free custom dark theme already existing that you're not too paranoid is going to be a security threat? :o

SarahPilko 30-12-19 11:31

In my opinion, I think black is too much. Dark grey something like #181818 would be nicer :)

klona 30-12-19 11:46

Background = #0e0e10
Bars = #29292c
Text Boxes = #18181b
Post/Edit Text Boxes = #3a3a3d

Heading Text = #efeff1
Heading 2 Text = #dedee3
Body Text = #adadb8

Maybe this will look nice and dark?

Athukraz 30-12-19 12:04

It looks pretty messy tbh, it's harder to tell which sections have new posts. It might also need some getting used to, like there's plenty of changes on apps like Instagram and Facebook that you're not fond of but they grow on you over time

Edit: was the purple just added? Looks way better like this
Edit: now it's gone lol. A bug?

Lara's home 30-12-19 12:09

It's too dark and the contrast hurts.
I'd go for a more gray background. Perhaps #5b5958?

tlr online 30-12-19 12:10

Work in progress, changes will occur. Thanks for all your feedback so far, I'm trying out your suggestions.

Zebra 30-12-19 12:39

It's trickier to see which threads have new posts in them. Maybe make those thread titles a different colour instead of just making them bold?

GFY2013 30-12-19 13:13

Looks pretty good. Like others said, could use a bit more contrast, and some actually black (not just really dark grey, but like 0 0 0 rgb) parts (useful for amoled screens). Or maybe 2 different "night" themes: this one (the not entirely black), and the other: full black with some dark grey parts.

IMO the tumblr mobile app has a pretty good dark theme. (so do google apps, but I find the lack of pure black disturbing XD since I have an amoled screen phone.) Don't be afraid to use almost-white or even white text on dark backgrounds:

Maybe white for new posts + bold text, almost white for already-read posts/threads?

EDIT: just checked, its not pure black tumblr uses: its 050505. But looks pure black when the brightness is lower.

Joey79100 30-12-19 13:30

Oh this is great news! I'm looking forward to it.
If you want when I'm home I can send you my modification of the CSS originally dark theme that was posted here. It's a dark theme, not a black theme so it still retains some of the blue, it's dark grey instead of black, but removed many borders. It's not the same direction aas the current one you've put, but it could serve as inspiration if you're interested or like it.

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