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Catapharact 01-01-20 20:33

How did you bring in the New Year?
First off, a very happy New Year and a New Decade to all. Hope you had fun celebrating bringing in the New Year.

It certainly was a fun filled night here in Toronto. Downtown was PACKED! Which is why I took the Liberty to book a room at the Continental near Nathan Philips Square way in advance :p. It was a night of concerts, Music, Parties and Fireworks.

Highlights from New Year's Eve in Toronto (and I apologize if the video quality is a bit off and we only have small clips of videos from the Celebration. I am only human and I can't film continuously while dancing and doing the lip nookie with the missus.)

Hilarious moment during the Celebration. When you are lip syncing and the Audio gives out :p:

Spotlight performance of the night has to go to Zaki Ibrahim. Man that woman can sing!

New Year's Eve countdown (yours truly being the loudest voice you hear among the bunch.)

More Fireworks:

So, I am curious as to how everyone else brought in the New Year? Do you have any New Year's Resolutions? Share please.

SnatchingEdges 01-01-20 23:43

I was dwelling in the darkness of my room.

Quebsenuef 02-01-20 00:51

I stayed hone and did housework haha
Iím not much of a celebrator of NYE but I hope everyone had a great one!
Luck and wellness and success for everyone here in 2020!

I guess I celebrated by playing some Pokťmon Go.. If that counts haha

charmedangelin 02-01-20 04:55

Family went out to eat at an American Chinese restaurant. I stuffed myself on Teriyaki Chicken, General Tso Chicken, Beef & Broccoli, pork buns, Cheese Wontons the works.

I'd love to go back there again sometime. We do this every new year as a tradition. We used to go to this sea food restaurant, but they got shut down for being caught serving alcohol to a minor. This new place however is freaking ace and honestly much better than the sea food place we went to before.

Ikas90 02-01-20 08:15

I farted at exactly 11:59:59 and it lasted until 00:00:01. I can proudly say, I farted over two decades.

Ms.LaraCroft 02-01-20 09:13

Basically was just at home playing Injustice 2. The new decade was rolling in and I just decided to be boring :p

Vaskito 02-01-20 09:30

Stood home warm on my couch, watching TV and eating lots of nice stuff :D

Admles 02-01-20 10:16

I was asleep by 23:00, as I had to work on New Year's Day.

Tomb Raidering 02-01-20 15:28


Originally Posted by Vaskito (Post 8162589)
Stood home warm on my couch, watching TV and eating lots of nice stuff :D

Glad Iím not alone. xD

Unpopular Opinion: I canít understand whatís so special about the new year? OK, itís the start of a new year on the Gregorian Calender. And? Just an excuse to eat lots of good stuff and have fun with friends/family. *AoD Lara voice* Translation.... ....Nothing! (imho)

Cat Woman 02-01-20 16:33

Enjoyed a chat and a drink w/friends; watched the ball drop at midnight. There were fireworks going off behind our house (which were really nice). Next day watched the Rose Parade on TV. Another year gone. :cry: and another year older. :rolleyes:

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