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TombPanda 18-01-20 23:33

Getting Started!
Hello everyone,

i wanted to play some TRLE's after i saw them online, i installed the Level Editor from TR Chronicles and everything works BUT i have some Problems and i'm not that goood in tech questions...:(

I want to play the ''Wreck of the Blue Storm'' TRLE by Quasar and i have some Problems:

1. I can't play it in Fullscreen, it will be still shown in a Window
2. If i play it that way, i can't use the Save/ Load function correctly, if i use it, the screen freezes but i can interact with it according to the sounds it makes and after i escape the safe/ load list the game runs normally

i hope you can understand it, cause English is not my native tongue:D
i set my TRLE up according to this thread:

BlueCake 19-01-20 04:51

I'm afraid there's nothing you can do about the the window border, if i'm correct, it's because it was made with an earlier TRNG version.

Joey79100 19-01-20 07:55

It's true that levels made with a lower version of TRNG (or without TRNG at all) have that issue on Windows 8+, just like the classics. But this is actually fixable using this patch:
Tomb Raider series fullscreen border fix 1.01 (install it once, it applies for every TR game that has this issue - so, not TR6 as stated on this page).

Also, you don't need to follow this tutorial you posted to play levels. In the past we used to need an original copy of the level editor, because levels were provided with the minimum amount of files to reduce bandwidth usage. Nowadays we don't have that issue anymore, and 99% of the levels you download are ready to play: you only need to extract the archive and double-click the executable. :)

(and don't apologize for your language, most of us aren't native English speakers either)

TombPanda 19-01-20 10:00

Thank you all!
It works, amazingly good with the Borderpatch, but i still have the Problem with the screenfreeze while saving / loading, everything works fine but thats anoying:confused:

SSJ6Wolf 19-01-20 10:59

This sounds like the bug where pictures in the "Pix" folder are not displaying. The easy fix is to toggle between full screen and windowed mode, usually one of those modes works and the other doesn't. It sounds like you are in full screen mode now, so hold CTRL during launch to go to setup and try changing it to windowed mode, see if it makes a difference.

If you want to fix the root issue: usually for me this is caused by version of Tomb_NextGeneration.dll, and when I replace the file with version it works. You can find out which version the level is using by right-clicking the .dll, go to Properties, then look under Details for the version number. can be downloaded here.

TombPanda 19-01-20 14:31

hmm thanks for the Link but when i click on the download button on Paolos site, the screen just blinks and the download does'nt start :(

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