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Mac Daddy 20-01-20 13:38

Are there any difference gameplay wise between TR1 and TR2?
Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this or if it's been posted before. I was wondering if there are any differences between TR1 and TR2 gameplay wise apart from the vehicle gameplay.

I was just thinking if someone has done or tried to mod TR2 with TR1 levels so you basically have TR1 with Lara having the braid. I'm guessing the hard part would be getting the lighting (or lack of) correct for the TR1 levels so it looks seamless like some just modded TR1 to have the braid.

Again, sorry if this has already been done or asked.

Tomb Raidering 20-01-20 17:04

There’s really not that much difference between TR1 and TR2 engine-wise IIRC. There’s only the braid added, new animations (climbing, zipline, flares, mid-air roll), and new weapons. Even the lighting system is mostly the same. TR3 was the game that overhauled the lighting system with colored lighting and fogs. ^.^

I’d be interested too. The TR4 engine isn’t ideal for TR1-style games...

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