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Johnnay 24-04-14 19:32


Originally Posted by Tombraider95 (Post 7047937)
I really hope so, yet if it's for PS4 only I doubt I will be getting one any time soon.

It will be for PS4 only

Peep Show 25-04-14 01:23

There's no freaking way that Uncharted 4 will get released this year, i'm predicting fall 2015.

So much sh*t has happened at Naughty Dog, I really don't know what to expect from U4 anymore, I don't want them to make too many changes since I love the Uncharted formula. :(

Blackmoor 25-04-14 17:33

This is a game where I actually would love to see more of the younger version of the main character. I really liked young Nate in UC3 and wouldn't mind seeing what other antics he got up to. Anyone else?

The1andOnlyTR 25-04-14 20:22

Gonna give this whole series a go next month. :)

larafan25 25-04-14 20:26

you haven't played any of themn? D:

The1andOnlyTR 25-04-14 20:33


Originally Posted by larafan25 (Post 7048713)
you haven't played any of themn? D:

I almost completed 2, I think. I got to the end stage but never finished it. It was my sisters game and I only played when I was at her house. My ex boyfriend owned one of them, too. And I got sorta far in that one. But I've never really given them a proper go. :o

larafan25 25-04-14 20:36

Don't spoil the ending of Uncharted 1 for yourself, and play them in order! D:

Valentino 25-04-14 20:39

And yeah, dont give up on the 1st one even if it is a little dated (to some standards)

larafan25 25-04-14 20:42

ug. the first just. encapsulates you. maybe. like. It's so nostalgic to me now. Elena's shorts. Elena's camera. Elena. Ug. the beginning. Let's go back. I wanna cry.

havent played that game since the first time i played it, it was a rental. I only own the first two. Maybe I should get it some day. the way that game progresses. the mystery. ug.

b.gluch 25-04-14 20:43

What about UC1 could seem dated for some people? I just played it and it felt like it could have been a game that was recently released.

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