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Danath 12-02-19 20:32

I love Crystal of Life, even with its problems. Would totally love a remake of that, so i voted for levelset. :)

Titak 12-02-19 21:11


Originally Posted by Sabatu (Post 8041024)
I hope you are that guy who send me an email about this problem.. Because. In my last test, it was working for me :(


Originally Posted by Sabatu (Post 8041026)
Thank you, but in my previous post I was asking moderator to move this thread here ::

But this is a double post. :p
Please don't.

That said, I like your latest level. :D

Sabatu 12-02-19 21:12

the main page was updated


Originally Posted by sabatu (Post 8040413)
my secret of mount parnassus is out.
I want to make another level or level set :)
what do you think?

!!!important news about mount parnassus!!!

hi guys.
I am sorry for not finding two major errors:
Error1: At the end of level one when you used lever then nothing happened
error2: Problem with saving through inventory( save is corrupted without lara )
everything is fixed and you can now play this game

also, there is error number 3: At the start of level 2, you can push some pushable block over the edge. Do not do this !!!
I was not able to find solution for this :(

!!!you should be able to play with your old saves!!!

i just send new version to michale, you should be able to use your old saves. Once guy told me it worked :) ( at last something is working with this cursed level

there is updated version. No need to wait for michalep for update trle.net.

steven35175 14-02-19 03:50

Launch error
[IMG] https://imgur.com/a/XdjrGIg [/IMG]

After I re-install my system. I wanted to play Sabatu's level then show me the message. Is there something I didn't install or... ?:hea:

JMN 14-02-19 04:22

Try installing this.

steven35175 14-02-19 07:20


Originally Posted by JMN (Post 8041979)
Try installing this.

Thanks :hug: It worked!

Sabatu 14-02-19 11:23

guys, new fixed version of my level has been uploadet on trle.net

LGG_PRODUCTION 17-02-19 11:18

Just for curiosity, what is TR5 plugins :)?

JMN 17-02-19 12:12

Speaking of plugins, you don't have to distribute all plugin files to players. Only the DLL is required.

LGG_PRODUCTION 17-02-19 13:28

Yes, I know, but what are TR5 objects that we can use with that plugin?

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