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TombTitan 26-05-19 22:18

Thank you Sabatu.

I got the missing secret and have been to all 10.

The missing secret was actually the second (or third) in the canyon area depending on the path traveled on. And it was very easy to get---I don't see how I missed it before. But it is usually the easy ones that are missed.

This was a very enjoyable game. Good work! Thanks again.

TombTitan 03-06-19 03:26

In the middle area (top of pyramid) of the first level of Mystery of the Lost Pyramid, there is one secret. However, it is possible to register one of two different places as this secret (but not both). Did you intend for players to have a choice of what pickups to get as the secret.

The items on a ledge (before Lara is able to release a boulder) is the assumed secret as it counts as such, but if that ledge is NOT accessed at all, then it is possible to register the uzi clips at the top of the boulder shaft where the chain is shot with the crossbow as a secret.

Is this intentional, or a game bug for the stand-alone uzi clips at the top of the boulder shaft?

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