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Emix 05-12-19 18:52

Sayonara Wild Hearts - A Pop Album Videogame


I recently finished playing this masterpiece on my iPad and i was blown away by it from start to finish. It turned out to be one of my favorite game of the year if not the absolute favorite.

Phenomenal Pop soundtrack (main track will 99% be stuck in your head for days), vibrant and unique art style, simple but variable and exciting gameplay, interesting story... Sayonara Wild Hearts is something trully special. And i can't recommend it enough. It's also available on Switch and PS4.

redfox45 05-12-19 18:59

I heard Woolie talking about this on Castle Superbeast and it sounded really interesting and unique.

Emix 12-12-19 17:26

Just released on Steam! KSKSKSGAHSFHSD

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