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GeekOfComedy 17-09-19 18:48

This is the problem that I’m surprised video game fans bring up. Just put the cutscenes together... Games today tell so much story during gameplay!

PinkyPromise 17-09-19 18:56

A lot of people love watch cutscenes like a movie... "Shadow of TR película en español" have 5M views in youtube... insane! The story of a game is not only the cutscenes!

Portugalraider 17-09-19 19:11

I have to say, I do like to watch those "movie" versions of games on youtube as well. But the best versions, are always those who include the main gameplay segments, not just the cutscenes, and those are almost always more than 3 hours long!

Hell, since I don't have neither a PS3 nor a PS4, that's how experienced "The Last of Us". And the one I watched (cutscenes + major gameplay moments) was almost 5 hours! I loved it, but it is not something you do in one sitting! But I tried to watch one that was just cutscenes, which was still 2:45 hours, and yet I stopped right at the beginning because the story just didn't work that well without the gameplay segments.

PS: I looked for that Spanish version Pinky told about: it's almost 4 hours long! I'd bet that half of that time is already gameplay condensed as much as necessary for the story still to make sense.

GeekOfComedy 17-09-19 20:04

I have to admit: I feel like Tomb Raider in general the video games BTW has a lot of problems like DC, I mean she's talking about Harley Quinn at 2:30 but you could clearly swap that for Lara Croft and the argument holds up!

Portugalraider 17-09-19 20:20


Originally Posted by GeekOfComedy (Post 8132268)
I have to admit: I feel like Tomb Raider in general the video games BTW has a lot of problems like DC, I mean she's talking about Harley Quinn at 2:30 but you could clearly swap that for Lara Croft and the argument holds up!

I mean, the part about divided fans, sure.

The part about having so many different version/designs around that the general public doesn't even recognise the character? Not really, no. Outside of the duals, the general visual identity of Lara Croft remained mostly the same.

VictorXD 18-09-19 00:14


Originally Posted by Portugalraider (Post 8132222)
But here's the thing: the story isn't just the cutscenes: it's everything. Any mandatory gameplay section is part of the story. Every single hub you visit, every single mandatory enemy encounter, every single set piece, every single main tomb Lara visits and main puzzle she solves. All that is part of the narrative.

But most of those elements are too hard or too unnecesary to translate into a movie.

They are two different medias, how much time we spend in gameplay shouldn't be considered simply because no one wants to spend 30min watching Alicia jump, use a rope arrow and then proceed to kill 20 men. It gets old and it doesn't move the plot along at all.

And that is not just the 2:30, 3 hours of cutscenes. The current world record for a glitchless run of Tomb Raider 2013 is more or less 2:10 hours. Since cutscenes are always skipped during speedruns, lets assume that as all the completely mandatory gameplay. add that to the 2:30, 3 hours of cutscenes - the complete story of the game gets to 4:40 to 5:10 hours. Because everything that is absolutely necessary to do during gameplay is part of the story as well.
That's completely false to be honest.

If the suspended ship had been removed from the game, would it affect the story? No.
If the geothermal caverns were removed would that impact the plot? Not really as well.

These are all nice details but extremely dispensable parts of the game that do not serve to move the plot forward one bit. And in a movie adaptation, that's what they'd do, trim the fat and keep what truly matters.


If you end up trying to adapt all that to a 2:30 hour movie, you end up losing more or less 50% of the game's story. Even if you go for a 3 hours long movie, that's still more or less a loss of 40% of the game's story. You start cutting locations, areas, characters, plot-points, and you can easily not just alienate the fans that wanted those elements in, as you also might easily lose the connective tissue that glues the story together, and everything starts falling flat. You end up with a movie that either feels rushed, non-sensical, or worse: both.
That's like saying that book adaptations shouldn't exist either because you can't add every single possible detail. Which is still a silly notion.

An example of this is The Hunger Games, especially Mocking Jay. The story is still there, everything that is relevant to the plot is still there, but they trim the fat. Do we as an audience need to know that Katniss shouldn't waste a piece of paper to write things down or else someone gets pissed? No we don't, it is a nice information that expands the lore/universe a little bit but that's all. It's not a vital piece of information, just a curiosity.

Portugalraider 18-09-19 09:03

The fat was already trimmed with the example I gave: we only have the absolutely necessary gameplay moments and not every thing that Lara can do and or visit in the game.

Also by suspended ship, do you mean the cable car? Most of it is the last moment of absolute peace Lara has in the third act of the movie. The calm before the storm - necessary for pacing. Could be adapted to the beach segment, true, but a moment like it is still needed. And the beach wouldn't be that good of an alternative, considering the Solarii could still attack at any moment and everyone is aware. Having one person forget it in a moment of apparent peace is normal - have a whole group do that not so much.

The geothermal caverns? Remove it and you lose the pool of blood moment, which still is an iconic moment of the game, and you also lose the resolution to "the other crew members were also captured". You cut that moment or the whole "all the crew was captured" plotpoint, and suddenly Sam is even more useless: she literally becomes the only person who managed to get captured without being able to escape.

Tonyrobinson 18-09-19 16:54

Looking back through the old thread and we already knew the production designer, VFX producer and location by this stage.

If they are shooting on the same schedule these thing must hopefully be in place I just wish we knew. Makes me think they might film in England. :p

GeekOfComedy 18-09-19 17:39

All we really need is her abs and Ben Wheatley's field tbh.

PinkyPromise 18-09-19 18:09

hahaha I also think that they film in England. Ben has always shot everything in England. MgM could do something similar to what they do with James Bond (all in London and a few outside in some country)

Anyway I think that the sequel are not so advanced as to announce something ... even I think that filming could be later (maybe March)... Ben was announced very recently. He just finished Rebecca. We could have a preproduction until February or more. Everything depend the movie scale

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