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adamtombraider 03-03-20 16:23

How can the Shotgun glitch be fixed the Tomb Raider 3 shotgun appears glitched in almost every level in the editor can it be fixed.

TR-Freak 03-03-20 17:15

No. It's missing geometry. you need to either fix the missing polygons or port it correctly from tr3

adamtombraider 03-03-20 21:40

Its only with the TR4 Lara model that looks glitchy

Joey79100 04-03-20 06:55

In TR3 some faces were textures with a color only (something that is just not possible in TR4-5) instead of a texture. When Core "ported" their model to TR4, those faces have been removed, so that's why they need to be added back. Or the mesh to be re-imported, I think our custom tools automatically convert colors to textures.

Also, this is not the right place to ask, this thread is for suggestions and ideas of tutorials. :)

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