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touchthesky 02-06-10 19:51


James_Rutland 02-06-10 19:53

Omfg. You are beautiful. :cln:

silviu_raider 02-06-10 19:58

I see a cow...is that bad?:vlol:

touchthesky 02-06-10 19:59


Originally Posted by James_Rutland (Post 4644566)
Omfg. You are beautiful. :cln:

:') Thankyou.

Peanut 02-06-10 20:49



ShadyCroft 02-06-10 21:13

Mads: looking great buddy! You look like one serious, hot, rough mature guy! :cln: that's good btw....silly compliment, but its good

Corey: looking fantastic as always buddy! :tmb:

Silviu: Ok, that's it ! We're making out if I ever meet you :cln: looking great as always :tmb: keep em coming!

Jackles: what can I say, Jackie! You're extremely beautiful :D and I love your smile, pretty and sweet :hug:

silviu_raider 02-06-10 21:17

That's fine with me but make sure you bring some tequila with you!:vlol:

ShadyCroft 02-06-10 21:19

no need for tequila. I'm as good and intoxicating as a shot of Vodka. :mis:

silviu_raider 02-06-10 21:20

Hit me with the best you've got!:cln::vlol:

Rivendell 02-06-10 21:24


Originally Posted by jackles (Post 4644454)
Jackles at the races...and no I wasn't one of the old nags...


*reconsiders 2010 meetup*
.. Miss you! :)

Me a couple of weeks ago in a Bird-park. Rheas. Very friendly ones. :tmb:


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