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Nephili 22-01-11 22:43


Originally Posted by *laralover* (Post 5168882)
Yeah the Long Gui drops Traps as a normal drop and the Dark Matter as a rare drop. You can fight those other blue ones Shaolong Gui i think they drop Dark Matter. Yeah like TombOfRaiders said you can fully upgrade one weapon Kain's Lance and Nirvana give 3 Traps i think Omega only gives 2. Dismantle them and get traps :D Also the run in Eden is good when you get bored of fighting the big guys. On another note the chocobo digging can get you some decent cash with Cactuar Doll (12,000 Gil), Rhodochrosite (2000 Gil) Plush Chocobo (35,000 Gil), Mnar Stone (6000 Gil),Gold Dust (15,000 Gil)
Gold Nugget (60,000 Gil), Moogle Puppet (18,000 Gil),Colbaltite (3000 Gil)
Obviously the stones are used to upgrade some weapons/accessories but after you are finished with that you can sell them all :D

Thanks for the advice! I will start doing more Eden runs for sure!!


Originally Posted by Rivendell (Post 5169465)
Bea-utiful. :tmb:

That is incredible. One of my favourite tracks from VII. *Favourites*

Miharu 22-01-11 23:03


Originally Posted by Legend of Lara (Post 5169329)
X-2 is better than X in every way possible.

I said it.


Disagreed. I like FFX-2 but I so...Prefer X.

Why I like X so much compared to other FF installments?

The Characters - Despite Tidus being annoying, the roster of characters are my favourite throughout all FF games. I like that the characters are more like a family then just a bunch of friends who have just met each other. There all aware of each others existence (excluding Rikku/Tidus) before the events of X. They'll make fun of each other for giggles, hug eachother etc. etc. and most of all, there's a diversity in age...Well not really but all of them except Rikku are pretty much adults and not a bunch of emo-teenagers.

The Story - FFX pawns FFX-2 storywise, I mean FFX-2's story was like WTF?

The gameplay - I do prefer the ATB system, so X-2 wins on that front but I like how the CTB system had a very retro feel to it, it certainly takes you back to the first three games.

And my final point...SUMMONER Yuna!!! I prefer Summoner Yuna to Gunner Yuna.

Gunner Yuna is fun and likeable and it was nice to see her grow and become more bad-ass but I loved Summoner Yuna's "fragile" and shy side.

In X-2 it felt as though that side had being completely striped away. :(

Legend of Lara 22-01-11 23:06

FFX had a terrible story and painful gameplay.

Minty Mouth 22-01-11 23:06

X-2's soundtrack is better.

Legend of Lara 22-01-11 23:11

It totally was.

Miharu 22-01-11 23:15


Originally Posted by Legend of Lara (Post 5169679)
FFX had a terrible story and painful gameplay.

Are you kidding...FFX-2's story was absolutely repugnant.

"I found this sphere and it looks like him." What a ****ing lame excuse for a sequel. :mad:

Nephili 22-01-11 23:16

What! I loved X-2 alot, but the soundtrack was so annoying after a while! There were some good tracks in there, but not many! I remember the Mi'Hen Highroad music used to drive me mad!

On a side note, I was over my friends earlier, and her boyfriend works at a school and he borrowed one of the projectors, so I decided to play FFXIII on it.


It was fun!

Rivendell 22-01-11 23:18

Oh DUDE! Now I'm even more jealous than when it was just AC:Brotherhood!!!

Yuna´s Wish 22-01-11 23:20

^^ It looks fantastic with the projectors!

XII is the Final Fantasy with the best gameplay and enemies.
X-2 is the Final Fantasy with the best replayability.
X is the Final Fantasy with the best party characters and story.
IX is the Final Fantasy with the best towns, villages and world map.
VIII is the Final Fantasy with the best main romantic couple.

I wish there was a Final Fantasy that would surpass all of those aspects.

Nephili 22-01-11 23:30


Originally Posted by Rivendell (Post 5169702)
Oh DUDE! Now I'm even more jealous than when it was just AC:Brotherhood!!!

Haha!! I want one for my room now!

Gran Pulse looked amazing on it!!

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