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Tony9595 15-10-12 19:23


Originally Posted by Shark_Blade (Post 6481229)



I bought Black 2, I'm loving it. Over 25 hours and just got my fourth badge! :D

My last game was SoulSilver and it really is an improvement! I just wish B2's music was better, for me, Diamond/Pearl had the best battle themes! Team Galactic's theme was just EPIC! :cln:

Jami393 26-10-12 21:53

Well I'm currently have got 6 Pokemon on Black version 1 and leveling up all my Pokemon for the third gym. In my party I have currently got Dewott, Herdier, Bayleef. Tranquill, Lucario and my new Pokemon Beautifly, which I had since an egg. Also news for people in Japan. Nintendo have announced a new 3DS LL (or 3DS XL outside Japan), which has Charizard designed on it. Here is an image of the new 3DS XL.


Jfmeplayer 26-10-12 22:49

^So sexy I want one o_o

I'm finally able to play Black 2, I was missing my DS charger >_> gonna play the hell out of it later!

Jami393 27-10-12 08:55

This was announced earlier this month, but Japan along with Europe will soon be getting a special Pikachu edition of Nintendo's 3DS XL. More info can be found on Joystiq.

Chocola teapot 06-01-13 23:48

This is the only collective Pokemon thread that we have, so please, excuse my bump.

ANYWAY, according to Serebii:

There is some big news coming on January 8th 2013 from the official Japanese site. However, the US site has just posted a note saying to view their site on the same day, indicating that the upcoming announcement is going to have worldwide implications.
Omfg, let's all wildly speculate and then have massive meltdowns when it turns out to be something crap like Pokepark for the Wii U. <3

Here's hoping for Ruby & Sapphire remakes/ 6th Gen reveal.

Dia2blo 08-01-13 04:52

Whether it be a remake or new game, it'd better be on the 3ds this time!

I wouldn't even mind if they cashed in a bit and did something like a Red 2 or Gold 2.

I officially gave up on White, it being my second time purchasing it, it just didn't have the same addictive factor to me and I couldn't be bothered to finish it. I never thought the day would come when I got bored of Pokemon. :( a younger me would hate me right now. :P

Tony9595 08-01-13 05:00

Just some hours away from the announcement, this has to be big. Iwata will be presenting this news in an all new Pokémon Direct. :jmp:

I hope it is a new game as I wouldn't like a remake to be the one to make use of all the features 3DS has. I hope 6th Gen makes use of those pretty 3D models used in Pokédex 3D.

That or Pokémon Colosseum 3 for Wii U as that would be the closest to having a classic pokémon style adventure with 100% 3D models. Give us access to all regions and all pokémons, make it a HUGE adventure... but that's something I know will never happen. :(

b0bb13 08-01-13 11:12

POKEMON is evolving!

And Nintendo FINALLY didn't press B!

asofkagwogom slayed need to get a 3DS until October ;_;

Chocola teapot 08-01-13 11:17

Im making the threaaaaaaaaad as we spaz

igonge 08-01-13 12:42

X and Y look totally sexy ;____;

Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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