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CrowdedToaster 18-04-18 13:15


Originally Posted by Vaskito (Post 7857853)
I think those PR statements were made regarding the specific game being released at the time, and not at the whole trioligy

Yeah the statements about forgetting everything you know about Lara is in regards to the first 2013 game. And Lara becoming who she is meant to be is more in regards to Shadow. Rise being the bridge between the two.


Originally Posted by Stevo505 (Post 7857923)
Unfortunately this is true. And it’s sad, because I won’t step into the classic games’ forums and tell everyone the reboot is better and make a list of what they could have done better in the 90s.

That's such a good point to bring up. I have never seen ppl in the classic game forums saying such negativity.

I just stay in my lane though ;)


Originally Posted by iWANEX (Post 7857986)
I personally felt very guilty for loving the reboot era for a while. When Rise came out I truly felt as a criminal or something (lol), so coming here every day to defend the game was exhausting and in the end I just needed a break.

A good way to keep your sanity is just going to Twitter, IGN or any other social media platform and read comments there. It's amazing to see the HUGE praise these games receive, and it saddens me that fans of the newer games won't come here to talk about them because of the negativity that constantly surrounds this forum. It's also funny to see how most of the things criticized by classic fans, everyone else loves. It must be difficult for CD to try to please everyone and it might result in nobody wanting to play the games, just like it happened with Anniversary and Underworld. Hopefully, they learnt that lesson and will do their own thing now (bringing Jonah back is one of the things I liked the most. Just because a small minority don't want Lara talking to anyone except for rocks, doesn't mean they have to erase what was built in the first game. Most people outside of here want to know what happened to Sam, Jonah or Reyes.)

But I guess it's the same thing in all fandoms. I get the feeling that if I love the new God of War (I've never played the old ones and don't plan to do so), and visit their forums because I'm excited to talk about it and the future of the franchise, it will be flooded with negativity from classic fans. It's just the way it is.

Aha I stay away from here BC of the negativity that can arise at times. I've also noticed that discord between the atmosphere in this site and other sites where they talk about the new TR games. They're so much more positive (and quite innocent lol). I love just seeing their comments BC it reminds me that the games are actually quite well received and that most of the negativity I know of comes from just here, which is a small fraction of TR's general fandom

2001LC20 18-04-18 13:27


Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux (Post 7858005)
Nobody is really 100% right about anything here though, unless like what the others were saying earlier they're just being outright disrespectful ****s about it, then yes they'd be in the wrong then.

At the end of the days these are all just opinions. Me personally, I'm a bigger fan of "old Lara" (which I mean both CORE and LAU when I say that), and I'm not big on Reboot Lara, because I personally feel she's "not Lara enough" for me. Truth be told, that does influence my view of Reboot and makes me wish they'd make her more like Lara, which I vocalise on here as my opinion. Guess what though, that's an opinion, and that is okay, just like loving Reboot Lara is okay.

I might have slipped up here and there, but for the most part I personally am not vitriolic. I'm passionate yes, I want something closer resembling old Lara I'm not gonna lie, but I'm not treating this subject like it's such an issue of global importance that I'm gonna sit here and get in a vitriolic fight with people over it.

This applies to both sides. I'm happy to hold classic fans accountable and admit there are some who are too nitpicky, too blatantly rude and averse to any changes being made, that exists. At the same time though, there are also people in the Reboot fandom who are too sensitive to any criticsm of the Reboot, even if it's just an opinion or a fairly valid and/or constructive criticism. Some can be too quick to shout us down just because some of us struggle to see "Lara" in this character, or don't like the idea of her being changed beyond recognition. Sometimes that's not fair either. This isn't to shame anyone in particular, I'm just making a point that the toxicity is not one-sided. If you get upset reading this then I don't know what to say really.

I respect and upset!! Seriously??? Hell no hahahhaha

And just saying my point wasn't about one-sided but you get it :) If you get upset reading this then I don't know what to say really :p

johnanonymouz 18-04-18 15:23

only 8 days left............I can't believe this is happening :jmp:

Rai 18-04-18 15:25

Does anyone know when the May PlayStation magazine cover will be revealed?

Leon2703 18-04-18 21:58

Does anyone know the time for the reveal event? The countdown clock ends at 9am, april 27th.

CrowdedToaster 18-04-18 23:32


Originally Posted by Leon2703 (Post 7858454)
Does anyone know the time for the reveal event? The countdown clock ends at 9am, april 27th.

April 27 at 4 PM EST they'll do their hour panel for Tribeca!

Daring Do 18-04-18 23:39

My body is ready for April 27th

tombstone 19-04-18 00:30

8 days! *cardi b chicken head gif*

Leon2703 19-04-18 00:53


Originally Posted by CrowdedToaster (Post 7858493)
April 27 at 4 PM EST they'll do their hour panel for Tribeca!

Thanks :hug:

Oh damn, I might not be able to watch it live, I need to get sick by then :)

CrowdedToaster 19-04-18 02:58


Originally Posted by Leon2703 (Post 7858535)
Thanks :hug:

Oh damn, I might not be able to watch it live, I need to get sick by then :)

If I were with you I can cough on you! I am in the final stages of recovery from a nasty sickness I got nearly two weeks ago. Hopefully I am still contagious. :)

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