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xavecroft 27-04-18 23:49


Originally Posted by Dustie (Post 7866030)
Wiki clearly says it was the Maya too:


Well in the classic Maya there's not human sacrifice
The problem that the Mayan culture is not homogeneous they were state cities
So some cities followed Quetzalcoatl and he forbade the sacrifices but others like Huitzilopochtli or tlaloc liked sacrifices

Enya Brennan 27-04-18 23:51


Originally Posted by Grimaldi (Post 7866309)
Just wanted to say itís been a lot of fun sharing the hype on this forum. I used to watch people discuss the games as they came out over the years, now Iím joining in and itís pretty exciting. :D

I felt the same way with Rise, the first game I got to discuss in here and the one that brought my love for TR back after several years of disappointment. Although I wasn't around when the Rise announcement trailer dropped, it was quite interesting when loads of information was gradually released during the early 2015 period. Three years later, the same kind of excitement emerges again. Actually, what makes me happier is seeing people cheering and enjoying the pre-release season.

dantedmc 27-04-18 23:58


Originally Posted by SoraSakai (Post 7866502)
She looks like Caitlin Jenner in the CGI trailer.

Caitlyn's hotter.

AntRaidsTombs 28-04-18 00:13


Originally Posted by SoraSakai (Post 7866502)
She looks like Caitlin Jenner in the CGI trailer.

She looks like the Rise model with CGI and mud on her :confused:

Leon2703 28-04-18 00:26

I am still waiting for the "Gameplay Leaked !!" thread :pi:

Mr GaGa 28-04-18 00:27

Im so excited!!! this is incredible stuff.:jmp:

just*raidin*tomb 28-04-18 00:37

*casually waits for gameplay leak*

Isaac 28-04-18 01:06

So I'm finally home after a long day at school... Only to find out that if I want the game with the season pass, which is a norm these days, it's 120 freakin' dollars.
Even Rise wasn't that expensive! :(

This is just silly, it's almost the price of a home console! It sucks. The whole thing just come off as greedy and insecure. These 7 optional tombs could have easily been bundled for half the price I'm sure. No way we're getting in depth hours long challenge tombs that justify that price.

Outfits and weapon... As much as I love them usually, should be worth 1-2$ (that was their price for Rise afaik). In all, if I want all the content of the game unlocked for me, I have to pay this insane amount... And I really fail to understand why it's so expensive.

NoahCrofRaider 28-04-18 01:21

Where's an HD version of this artwork?

Mickybyrne20 28-04-18 01:23


Originally Posted by AntRaidsTombs (Post 7866518)
She looks like the Rise model with CGI and mud on her :confused:

No the hell she does not. Rise model was very nice, and felt like Lara. That CG trailer was an anime character brought to life, and a hideous one at that. She looked tired and crusty, in quite a literal sense.

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