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Rivendell 04-03-07 19:37

Aye, thought it was time for a change. This one's a bit more sinister... Not sure I like it yet.

Oh, and

SUCCESS!!! Finally!
I got that demonic slab of rock right before he got me!

And Thorir - I killed the 2nd demon wall straight off with my two best Quickenings yet - a run of 7 with Cataclysm, and a run of 10! Neither took off more than 8k in hp which is disappointing as I had a short quickening run before that took off 9k. Hmph.

However I'm now trying to get a very powerful sword which apparently I have to keep running back and forth til it spawns. :yah:

nightwishgirl84 04-03-07 20:09

today i defeated the demon wall in 3 tries !!
and i finished off Belias in only 2 tries :)
Vossler was easy,i defeated him in the first try without breaking a sweat :)
I went to this village after it (thru giza).
And they also leveled up very nicely today too.

Rivendell 04-03-07 20:13

Aw CRAP! I wish I didn't highlight that bit on yours Nightwishgirl :hea:

nightwishgirl84 04-03-07 20:19

thats why i white outed it lol.
i also went to The Ozmone Plain and Jahara : Land of the Garif.
now i'm going to Mt. Bur-Omisace with Larsa.

Rivendell 04-03-07 20:21

It's true, curiosity did kill the cat!
Oh well, I still have to find out WHY that battle occurs!

nightwishgirl84 04-03-07 20:26

i'll never tell...........
won't spoil more for you Riv !!
i loved the tomb level,very nice.....
did you get Belias yet??

Rivendell 04-03-07 20:35

Nope not yet, just got the Demonsbane sword though! :yah: Now Vaan has an attack power of 59 :cool:

nightwishgirl84 04-03-07 20:40

wow that's awesome !!
how do you obtain a sword like that ??
was it some hidden secret ??

Rivendell 04-03-07 21:00

Yep I think so - this is where it pays to have the guide :D

--Kill the first demon wall, and the wall he came from leaves a blue jewel - but nothing happens when you touch it.

Go fight the second demon wall, defeat it and return to the blue jewel. This time when you touch it, it raises a set of stairs to the unreachable doors opposite the entrance to the tomb, and follow that down a long corridor, a big set of stairs and you reach a chest.

At first I opened it to get 100gil, ran back outside the tomb (3 areas away respawns the chests) and returned to it to get the Demonsbane :D

Kiss-Bite 04-03-07 21:01

My whole party is at LVL 72 now & I've just found a hidden Esper in the waterways.:D I have six Espers now, three of them are the official & the rest are secrets. I've also completed 27 hunts but have a few accepted ones still to finish. :D My playtime is 106 hrs, that is crazy. But a lot of them hours have been when I've left the party to level themselves using gambits. Time to move the story on I think & leave the fishing village.:jmp:

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