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TR FAN 18 07-03-07 09:37


Originally Posted by Evilkipje (Post 1627174)
OMG! i'm further into the game than you now, riv!

i'm so proud of myself!

what's everybody's party's levels?

Vaan - 63
Basch - 63
Ashe - 62
Balthier - 11
Fran - 12
Penelo - 13


Originally Posted by Legend of Lara (Post 1627271)
What do you all think of the Chocobos in XII? :D

I like the Chocobos but the time limit is a bit annoying but I guess that was to make the game more challenging.

Rivendell 07-03-07 09:44

Lol, everyone seems to be using the opposite characters than the ones I am.

Fran's voice annoyed the hell out of me at the start of the game - it sounded like a 12 year old girl, being forced to read her lines against her will through gritted teeth. It's not so bad anymore - maybe the actress just got into character better as it went along. ;)

BlackGrey 07-03-07 10:27

Just started playing the new Final Fantasy, strangely enough its much easier than the previous games or is it just me? :confused: Some negative points I have to comment on:

*The license point system confuses, there wasn't any hint that when spending license points on magic squares that I then had to purchase spells from a shop?

*I can't equip new weapons or equipment without having license points? What is with that? I haven't even been able to find any new sword license squares I can spend on.

*The fighting system is tougher than previous games when having to give characters commands, leaving to me to have to rely on gambits that just make me feel as if the engine is doing everything for me.

Positive Points...

*I love hunting for monsters as I just acquired a new special move for Vaan called the 'Red Spiral', seems to destroy almost anything :jmp:

I do like the game but its very hard to get used to, I'd love to hear your feedback on this :)

Rivendell 07-03-07 11:57

I find it harder than the last few FF's blackgrey! By the looks of it, the only way to get magick is by buying it in a shop - but I like the fact that once you have it then anyone in the team can use it if they have the licence.

I found the licences annoying at first, but now I'm ok with them.

I *love* the gambit system now too! I wasn't keen at first, but now they're so handy. Because we can now run around and fight, controlling each player and each command would be pretty tiring (possible, but tiring) I like the fact that I can control Vaan's every command and just have Fran and Balthier with gambits on, default attacking, blinding, poisoning enemies and using potions and cure when it's needed. :D

I agree it's hard to get used to, but it doesn't take too long to slip into the feel!


I didn't get far in the Giza plains last night, up to the first save point infact before a really cool prog came on Tv that I wanted to watch. Providing there's nothing on tonight I'll give it a longer attempt ;)

Evilkipje 07-03-07 14:03

huh? you find FF12 too easy, blackgrey? then you must be way overleveled :P
i like the license borad, though i don't really understand why it is there in the first place ;P

again, riv, how did you get your characters to such high levels when you have less gameplay time than me?

Legend of Lara 07-03-07 14:07

I absolutely hated the licence board. When I buy a new weapon or armor I want to use it right away. I do NOT want to spend more crap to buy some dumb licences!!! :mad:

Rivendell 07-03-07 14:10


Originally Posted by Evilkipje (Post 1628297)
again, riv, how did you get your characters to such high levels when you have less gameplay time than me?

Hardcore leveling up before fighting the Demon Wall, they just seemed to level up nice and quick!

Evilkipje 07-03-07 15:01

ahh, smart :D

i just left the demon wall alone after i found out it had 10,000 HP, lol

just realised, i spent quite a lot of time hunting down marks. that doesn't do my leveling much good of course :P

Rivendell 07-03-07 15:06

The second one has 10,000hp, the first one has about 20,000! :yik:

TR FAN 18 07-03-07 15:17

Just got my 8th Esper. Also, my characters now have an attack power of 110! :D *SPOILER*Bought the Golden Axe. Cost 18,000.*SPOILER END*

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