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TR FAN 18 08-03-07 14:10

@nightwish: No problem! :tmb:

OMG!!! You thought Elder Wyrm was hard. Try Gilgamesh & Enkidu. I was fighting this boss for like 30 minutes! And I beat it without a Quickening! :D

MiCkiZ88 08-03-07 14:17


Originally Posted by Rivendell (Post 1629870)
I don't like those gangs of minotaur things accompanied by the Zu's! :(

They are great for levelling up & gathering more LP since the minotaurs give 2lp. And if you have bought the newly available chain that causes you to double the lp it's even better. It does cost 5,200 gill though. You can buy it from the village you are heading at :wve:

@TRFAN: where are those? Im travelling from the Mt. what ever it was south to miriam(?)..

TR FAN 18 08-03-07 14:40


Originally Posted by MiCkiZ88 (Post 1629986)
@TRFAN: where are those? Im travelling from the Mt. what ever it was south to miriam(?)..

It's a hunt. Do the ones in the Clan Hall and it will be the one called "Ancient Man of Mystery" or something like that. They're in the Lhusu Mines. You'll need the Site 11 Key which can be found at Phon Coast once you've done one of the Lhusu Mines hunts.

MiCkiZ88 08-03-07 14:52

Ah :) Thanks for the info. I havent really done any of those hunts except the, tomato, wolf & flower cactai. So there are hunts available at the clan hall aswell? I havent been there but once but I remember the moogle saying something about it.

TR FAN 18 08-03-07 15:30

Does anyone know why my weapons sometimes do rubbish damage? Sometimes I get anything from 0 - 7500 even with an AP of 110. WTF?! :confused:

Rivendell 08-03-07 15:34


Originally Posted by BlackGrey (Post 1629890)
:hug: Hope you've recovered from choking on that cream egg :D

Lol, yes all better now. (Funnily enough I have another one now.. )

Going to give it my best shot against those flying dinobirds in a while, I bet you're right Mix, they'll be good for leveling up (if I can stay alive!)

MiCkiZ88 08-03-07 15:37


Originally Posted by Rivendell (Post 1630093)
(if I can stay alive!)

Keep away from the elementals then :eek:! And there are those Horse looking creatures (similiar to Ixion) that attack you with groups.. I got attacked by 5 of them, a snake + an Elemental :(

Evilkipje 08-03-07 15:59

my GOD i hate the croakadile!

and i hate ashe's quickenings, somehow it's almost impossible to switch to someone else's quickening when she's using it

Fraaadrik 08-03-07 16:09


Originally Posted by MiCkiZ88 (Post 1629117)
Optional.. ?You mean I beat it for nothing?! :vlol:
great.. so there was another way around then?

Yea, if you run around in the woods you will find another barrier and behind that barrier there's some hard mobs and if you keep running you'll end up in Feywood. In Feywood, I ran east until I found a portal to another map which took me to the mountains.

Kiss-Bite 08-03-07 16:15

Every single character in my party is now level 74, they don't level up that often now. Not sure how close I am until the end but it must be soon as my playtime is now 138hrs!:yik: The map has opened up now so I can use the airship, although the teleportation crystals are obviously faster.:D I've just worked out the Feywood puzzle.

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