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disapearing-boy 01-08-19 19:29

@SirDaniel, Nice Screen:D It's always so trippy to see upside down areas

@Lore - how many bloody caves are you building?:tea: Very atmospheric!


Originally Posted by Titak (Post 8116497)
They look better than the originals.
Much better gold look imo. :tmb:

Thanks very much. I think they'd blend into any level much better now.

It took a little longer than I thought but I added some polys to the back of this Title Object. Next I have to edit it so I can place just one of them or place them further apart. And to add better collision.


Sabatu 01-08-19 23:23


Originally Posted by Gerty (Post 8116568)
Hope you have enough flares :D

There will be no flares at all :)


Originally Posted by disapearing-boy (Post 8116495)
I'm doing a similar theme - only it's not going to be a pyramid.;) Like you I added the Title gold objects but I recoloured them because they looked so cartoonishly yellow unlike an older aged gold.

So I edited them. Since I always make objects and then forget about them(:o) I'm gonna upload these before I accidentally save over them. I'm going to edit the gold floor textures too next.


Who's interested?:p

Those are amazing :) Mind to share them ? with me or TRsearch ? :)

disapearing-boy 01-08-19 23:50


Originally Posted by Sabatu (Post 8116745)
Those are amazing :) Mind to share them ? with me or TRsearch ? :)


I'm going to bed now - I'll share them tomorrow.;):p

Woops 02-08-19 01:02

Daniel that screen looks so amazing! keep it up! <3

DJ Full 02-08-19 06:21

those golden objects look better than OG
this is gonna be foolproof if someone doesn't tint

dcw123 02-08-19 11:21

Great work on those objects - they look way more realistic compared to TR4's originals.


Even though I'm using most of the TR4 demo as a launch pad here.. its still gonna take me a hellva while.. while I have the rooms and lights - they are buggy and have no objects/triggers or textures.

I'm gonna add/remove rooms where I can - extend areas and switch things around, adding parts of my own level in there as well.. otherwise it'd be boring and not get a very good score :)

I've also made some 'new' textures to fix issues such as mirroring bugs and wallpapering - most noticeable on the original wall textures
Some extra ones, fairly simple, which use the levels TGA .. such as stone tiles which now have sand on them for some transitions that were not in the original TR4 level

Made more progress - but slow
Some new stairs I made which I feel fit the level more - edited this portion to look more realistic (for some reason lighting is buggy)
Merged the demo areas into the 'final' main hall more naturally this time with an extra room - nothing amazing, but it helps again with the believably of the structure I hope.
I also made a version of the light which is not working (you can see it in the middle image on the right)


Reggie 02-08-19 15:02

Actually, I think both sets have merits. The brighter yellow works well because it gives the impression of untouched, preserved treasure in a brightly lit room, reflecting more light. The new version would look better in an area with softer or more dull lighting.

They look great though. :D

disapearing-boy 02-08-19 19:49

The gold items are on TRSearch now - https://www.trsearch.org/item/4701

@Reggie - I agree about the lighting. I tested the new versions in the Title Screen but they looked bland. I tested them with Giza textures/lighting and they looked great.:p

Baslakor 03-08-19 00:02

I love these retextures! Thanks so much! Won't be using them in this project, but definitely in another one I'm working on. :)

Also really like that Library level! Use to play the demo a lot to get hyped for TR4's release!

My title screen, finally done!


disapearing-boy 03-08-19 09:34


Originally Posted by Baslakor (Post 8117199)
My title screen, finally done!

Nice title screen.. Very Tomb Raider 1 but modern too:D
This reworking objects is fun but I'm seriously falling behind in building actual rooms...:p


^^The amount of little adjustments this statue needed to fit the Poseidon pose was ridiculous!:cen:

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