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Titak 14-08-19 19:00

An image hosting site is needed.
Please check our "Things you need to know..." thread to see which sites are approved.
(We are using approved hosts because we had sites recycling url's in the past and we ended up with content not suitable for an all-age forum... ":facepalm:)

disapearing-boy 14-08-19 20:31


Originally Posted by LoreRaider (Post 8120706)
During the weekend and these days I've been re-building some TR3 beta areas which were on the E3 back in 1998
Of course I've rebuilt them in my own way, but I guess I kept the original feeling :)

Fantastic - it's really great to play some beta [inspired] areas.:D

Sabatu 14-08-19 22:42

New Screens :) Deep Underground ..



AgentXP 14-08-19 22:47

^ Beautiful Sabatu :eek:

So much awesomeness being posted here, keep it coming peeps :jmp:

sackboy123 14-08-19 23:54

Can't wait to play all entries (Eventually)

ChocolateFan 15-08-19 00:28

To the people that is using my "black shadows" patch: please update to the latest version, which you can download here: https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...&postcount=678. Thank you!

There are so many entries, and all of them are looking good... It will be hard to choose the best ones later!!

Baslakor 15-08-19 02:24

Really enthusiastic to play these games. Lots and lots of awesome screens here!

noonbob 15-08-19 07:29


Originally Posted by Sabatu (Post 8120968)

Deliciosa :eek:

dinne 15-08-19 09:12

I'd like to ask: how do you measure the minutes of gameplay so precisely? I never understood how to measure the gameplay time. Is it the time you'd take as developer to complete the level? Or is it an average time between you and a player that never played the level? How?

Baslakor 15-08-19 12:18

For me, I just play the level and time my minutes. So I do not take into consideration getting lost or searching around for answers, but neither am I gonna run through the level fast as possible. Will do all secrets and pick-ups.

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