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LeonDeka 06-01-18 11:07

TR2 FMV's - 20th Anniversary Remaster
Hey Everyone!

Last year I uploaded some HD Remasters of the original Tomb Raider FMV’s. Though dated, I spent a lot of time upscaling them to a modern full-HD resolution for archival purposes. Well, it’s been a tough year and I’ve had some PC issues to deal with, but I felt it was right I continued the annual trend.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get more of these out on a regular basis, but I need to upgrade my PC really badly and I’ve been short on funds. So, I hope you don’t mind waiting a little for these videos to come out.

As usual, I have these on YouTube and the uncompressed masters available to download on Google Drive. So please, download them, watch them and please give me feedback on my work. I really enjoy doing these, but if there is anything I can do to improve my workflow, I would love to hear it from the fans!

Click Here for Uncompressed Masters

Thanks to everyone who helped with my work last year and I look forward to tackling Tomb Raider 3, 4, 5 and 6!

Looking forward to your feedback!

--=Leon Deka=--

annl 06-01-18 11:16

Yes! I am looking forward to putting this into TR2 when I get home!

Thanks LeonDeka! :tmb:

-Roli- 06-01-18 11:35

Thank you SO much! :jmp:

SLAYER 06-01-18 12:00

Good timing, and great work :D

michaeldt 06-01-18 12:26

Amazing job!

LeonDeka 06-01-18 15:44

QUICK UPDATE: Had some issues with Google Drive this morning, but everything should be up now. :)

Alex Fly 06-01-18 16:30

LeonDeka strikes again! Great work and thank you for these! :jmp: :tmb:

tlr online 06-01-18 16:58

Thank you and welcome to the forum. :wve:

Danath 07-01-18 23:34

Those upgraded videos are awesome! :) The ones that came with the PC port were horrendously done.

Peixoto 11-01-18 02:34

Superb job!

Downloaded them from youtube as MP4 and they worked nicely with my patch.

Anyone interested: you have to rename them .bik, just rename, no need to re-encode

By the way, isn't anyone going to remaster the TR3 fmvs?

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